November’s Monthly Development Letter

The November Developer Update is here and it contains a host of new information and it’s brought to you by Odonoptera.


It covers the new gifting option, our final visit to the Tokyo storyline, the Dungeon Finder and more information on the upcoming PvP updates coming in Issue 13.

You can read the whole letter here.

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Get Art, Give to Charity

We all know there are some great artists here in the TSW community. And they create some amazing artwork. One artist has decided to take things a little further this holiday season.

Kuro-Hebi has decided that up until December 1st 40% of the commissions will be given to the TSW Malala project.

That’s a huge portion of the proceeds and is an amazing gesture. You can check out some of the previous work here as well as get more information on commision prices here.

We’re pleased that people are getting on board and willing to help out such a great cause.

You can find out all about the TSW Malala project over at tswproject.org. We’ll try to keep you updated with all the latest events as they happen.

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Episode 33

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/3975695/height/360/width/480/theme/standard/direction/no/autoplay/no/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/preload/no/no_addthis/no/” height=”360″ width=”480″]

This week on The Secret Podcast we discuss Classy Dude, killer chipmunks, Extra Life and Issue 13.



The Let’s play stream with Josh “Classy Dude” who recently came on as Product manager can be found on the funcome Twitch stream here

Extra Life: All the teams did a great job and raised over $12,000 for Children’s Miracle Hospitals.




As always you can find us on Twitter @TSW_Podcast, on Facebook here and you can get in touch with us over at our contact page here. You can get the latest episode of the show on iTunes here, Stitcher here as well as other podcasting services as well as directly from this very site here.

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Professional’s Outfit Bags In Store Now.

Following on from the success of the Military Duffel Bags, there is a new bag in the item store, with a new set of clothes, pets and mounts.


Called the Professional’s Satchel, it contains outfits like nurses scrubs, police uniform and firefighters as well as new pets and police bike.

Like the Duffel Bags they come in single bags and packs of five. With each purchase giving you one lucky coin which you can use at Mr. Knicknack (you get six coins if you buy a five bags at once).

The military bags still appear to be in the store but how long they are going to stay there is not known at the moment so if you still want the items from them it may be worth picking those up first.

You can get them from the item store in-game or head over there now here and have the bags ready and waiting for you when you next get in-game.

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