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Jingi’s Sunday TSW Column

Hello all, Jingi here. It’s been an exciting time for the week of the twenty fifth of January. There have been several ups and downs over the first month of 2016 but I believe it will only get better!

I will recount a few things that have happened this week, namely (a) The Streaming Ones Episode 16, (b) Beyond the Veil Podcast Episode 172, (c) The Buzzing’s New Twitter Post, (d) Weekly occurrences within the Community in-game and out of game. It might get spoiler-ish behind this paragraph, so please proceed with caution!

The Streaming Ones did wonderful on this week’s episode. It was an amusing display of mechanics for both Shambala and the Group Finder. Seeing Tilty2 get downed in PvP is just the tip of the iceberg! There was a surprise announcement of new Membership Benefits and Loyalty Rewards coming up in the near future. These rewards include:


1) Bonus XP – Who doesn’t love more XP? Just like the Time Accelerator but now the Xp will include missions,
dungeons, etc instead of just killing monsters.
2) Bonus Black Bullion – So much bullion.
3) 8 hour Mission Cooldowns – Free to do Missions every day now!
4) 18 hour Raid Cooldowns – Ever wanted to raid your heart out? Now you can.
5) Cooldown Reset – 2 per month! Reset ANY cooldown you want, whether it be raids, missions, etc.
6) Free Anima Leap – Save your pax up for something else.
7) Token Cap Increase – Something we’ve all been wanting. MORE MOPS.
8) 1200 Bonus Points – Standard will be standard but we still love it.
9) 10% Store Discount – Standard and still loving it.
10) Loyalty Rewards – I will go further on this below!

Loyalty Rewards is what is new this year in 2016. Loyalty Rewards will be replacing Item of the Month rewards from now on. They will still be there in your claimed items to claim – but no more will be made. What will be made and updated every six months are rewards based on how long you have subbed for.

Rewards to be Released:
30 Days – Anima Sprint & Faction Coats
60 Days – Hoverboard & Faction Panopticon
90 Days – Mini Cthulhu/Urdaug Pet & Second Anima Conduit
180 Days – Permanent Bank Summon & Hive Armor
360 Days – Bee-Vespa & Third Age Weapon Skins


Note – these rewards are here for the year but more will come out every 180 days (6 Months).

Read the official statement here! [Membership Statement]

There is also an update with the Grandmaster packs. ALL rewards will be obtainable if you have a GM pack when they come out on the first day. NOTE: February 5th, 2016 GM packs will be discontinued to give way to regular membership / subscriber packs.

Veteran Store will no longer getting new items and there will no longer be Veteran points given. It is unclear what will happen to the cosmetics if they will be transferred over or not.

The last thing to recount in the Streaming Ones Episode 16 is that they previewed a teaser for Issue 14. They released audio of the Station master talking. More coming soon so keep up to date with the Streaming Ones!

Continuing on, there was this week’s Beyond the Veil Episode 172. It was a down-time episode since a few members had to work and/or weren’t feeling well so myself and Katarina1 subbed in for the regular members!

Kat, myself, Xander and Antida went live on the show recounting what was going on through the week with the latest patch developments as well as community effects it had on us all.

A note to that is that Katarina1’s cabal – Lag Spike – had a wonderful first kill of Nightmare New York Raid! Congratulations to them on the win! Rewards showed that Q11 and Aegis 3.0 is definitely IN the game, just a bit hard to obtain for now!

Another note is that my contest “The Vicious Valentines” contest that is starting on February 1st and will continue through the 29th!

Stay tuned for Episode 173 and possibly get a preview of Tilty on the show sometime as well as our own community member Distance talking about his project about the TSW Wiki.

Next up! What’s Buzzing in the community? The Buzzing of course. They posted something quite strange the other day on their live twitter. A strange picture popped up and the community quickly identified it being the Seal/Pentacle of Solomon. Whatever could that mean for us? For issue 14? Revisiting Solomon Island? Seeing something new pop up possibly with the Station Master as well? All we can do now is speculate and wait for more news.

Their post can be found [Here].

Lastly, the community is what makes the game!
Lots have been going on in and out of game. In game since the 1.13.2 patch has hit, unfortunately TSW has been hitting some coding snags. It is best that if you do hit snags, report what bugs or glitches come your way on the testlive forums! If that is not enough for you or for your problems, please do /Petition as well and fill out the form there. The Community Server has been going haywire and the TSW team is working hard on trying to fix so please bear with them!

Until then have a hilarious time (as I know I will) when logging into the game and getting stuck into the Sun Squad in Shambala while we all try to kill each other in the locked box before the match.

The fever for Shambala has spread quickly.
Teams have been chosen.
Which one will you be?

Moon Tribe?
Sun Squad?

I for one welcome our new Moon overlords. Join the Shambala hype – it’s hip, it’s fun, it’s freaking quick. 30 seconds or less to Queue for 1 Mark of Pantheon, 25 Black Bullion & Shambala’s Champion Cache if you win. If you don’t win, you simply get 25 Black Bullion. I imagine this will help with anyone if they need to bullion farm and have trouble getting a party together for Nightmares.

The Twitter Community is also raving, wanting team jerseys made up for those who want to show their team spirit! Will the developers here? Stay tuned for next time.


Other than that, lots of RP activity bustling in the meantime. On January 30th, 2016 was the very first edition of the Ealdwic Lectures that featured Yuki-Yo and Hanea as the guest speakers. It had a lovely turn out with around 25-30 people!

Yuki-Yo was available to inform the Bees and us Non-Bees on the dangers of the Black Signal and how it affects us all. Her presentation was well represented with videos and slide-show pictures to support the evidence that John is a danger to us all. Excellent lecture, Yuki!

Hanea was up next with talking about applied linguistics. Her RP with a favorable live stream over Mixlr! She took an awesome approach to voice her RP to others! “Power over the words you use.”


Another thing coming up is the amazing Seollal that happens every year! Celebrate the new year with DJ Drina on February 7th, 2016! There will be giveaways and lots of prizes to claim if you do show up. Who knows, it could be your lucky day to win a free Master Planner run of all the original NM dungeons! (Eight MP Runs Pol thru Slaughterhouse) as well as 3000 bonus points!


A big congratulations to the player Raztec for his 100 bag giveaway. He aims to giveaway 100 bags to players over each event – look for in game sometime and hive him a high five!

Another event is Billonaire’s 100 Million Pax giveaway as well that went on just the other day. He is a player that likes to give away world bosses for people to get free signet bags as well! Thank you, Bill!

The last community thing I can plug is the Vicious Valentines’ contest that I am hosting, that comes from February 1st thru February 29th. Join in for the fun and prizes!

Contest Info can be found [Here].

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for Next Sunday’s Column. If you have any updates you would like to give The Secret Podcast or myself, please send me a message at GinSynrio@Gmail.com or over twitter at @Djinngi.

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Valentine’s is coming and it brings a new contest

Love is in the air. Well something is in the air and we assume it’s related to Valentine’s day. Regardless it’s time to get some flowers (preferably not dead), a box of chocolates and make good use of the new Gifting Feature in the store.

Vicious Valentines Contest

But this year there’s something a little extra going on. Jinji is running a contest to help spread that loving feeling.

The Vicious Valentines Contest will be taking place from February 1st to February 29th, 2016 and has something for everyone.

There’s two rounds and you can take part in both if you want.

Round One: Ever wandered around the shops looking for the perfect card only to be disappointed? Well this round is for you. Design your own TSW inspired Valentine’s day card with a To: and From: section and you can share the love with the community (and even the Funcom Staff if you want)


Round Two: For the poets among you, write a TSW inspired poem (about two to three stanzas long) with Valentine’s as the theme. Cheesy, romantic, creepy, they’re all fair game.

Of course there are prizes for the event.

Valentine’s Day Card
Grand Prize: Epic Signet of Laceration
2nd Place: Firehouse Dog (Epic Pet) + Selection of Blue Signets
3rd Place: 3 Million Pax + Selection of Blue Signets

Valentine’s Poem
Grand Prize: [To Be Announced / Confirmed!]
2nd Place: Feline Wraith (Rare Pet) + Selection of Blue Signets
3rd Place: 3 Million Pax + Selection of Blue Signets

So if ever there was a time to show off your romantic side it’s now. You can send your entries to Jingi on Twitter @Djinngi, on the Official Forums (Jingi) or by emailing GinSynrio@Gmail.com. Don’t forget to include your in-game name in your message too so prizes can be distributed.

You can find out more about the contest here. We look forward to seeing the entries, the last few contests have been great to judge and this one looks like it’s going to be just as fun.

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Get ready for a rumble with 1.13.2

We’ve waited, we’ve yelled, we’ve stamped our feet like a petulant five-year old in candy aisle of the supermarket. Finally it’s all paid off. Update 1.13.2 launches today (28/01/16) and will bring the Shambala PvP scenario as well as the dungeon finder.


If you’re new to the game then Shambala may just sound like a mythical place (we thought it was for a while too), but it’s real. This PvP map allows players to group up into two teams. Faction isn’t what’s important here, making sure your team wins is.

The map comes with various perils to make the battle a little more challenging too (I quite enjoy the snowstorms). Battles are quick and hectic and once you get a taste for them you’ll quickly be queuing for more.

The Group Finder is also set to make an appearance. It will have various rewards and bonuses for using it and will make a welcome addition to the game for people who aren’t so keen on reaching out for help in chat.

With issue 13 now in the bag work can begin on issue 14. But first Valentine’s day…

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Episode 41

This week in The Secret Podcast we discuss The Golden Weekend, spend more time than is decent discussing the death of Emily in Until Dawn and Auroris creates a new word.



  • The Golden Weekend: More info can be found here
  • Information about the Golden Morph Suit can be found here
  • To find out about Scrivnomancer’s latest teases follow him on Twitter @JoshuaDoetsch



As always you can get in touch with us by email info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk, Twitter @TSW_Podcast and on Facebook as well as our contact page. You can get the latest episode of the show from itunes here, Sticher here and directly from the site.


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A Sneak Peek into Shambala

It’s the PvP zone we’ve all been waiting for. Since back when the game launched we’ve all waited for Shambala. Well tomorrow you can get a chance to take a look at the new area when it’s tested on the Test Live servers.


For Grandmasters and people with an active subscription, Shambala will be active on Test Live tomorrow (Friday) from 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST / 19:00 GMT. You’ll only have an hour to visit though so make sure to make the most of your time. You can find out more about the test here

If you missed out on the Shambala news, the new PvP arena will be a free for all. The aim of the game? Be the last bee standing. But it’s not just the other bees that you need to worry about. There’s also various elemental obstacles between you and beating your opponents.

Not sure how to get onto Test Live? There’s a helpful thread on the Official Forums here that will help you. Who knows, if you manage to kill one of the developers you may even get hold of one of the coveted Dev Killer Tee-shirts.

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