Valentine’s is coming and it brings a new contest

Love is in the air. Well something is in the air and we assume it’s related to Valentine’s day. Regardless it’s time to get some flowers (preferably not dead), a box of chocolates and make good use of the new Gifting Feature in the store.

Vicious Valentines Contest

But this year there’s something a little extra going on. Jinji is running a contest to help spread that loving feeling.

The Vicious Valentines Contest will be taking place from February 1st to February 29th, 2016 and has something for everyone.

There’s two rounds and you can take part in both if you want.

Round One: Ever wandered around the shops looking for the perfect card only to be disappointed? Well this round is for you. Design your own TSW inspired Valentine’s day card with a To: and From: section and you can share the love with the community (and even the Funcom Staff if you want)


Round Two: For the poets among you, write a TSW inspired poem (about two to three stanzas long) with Valentine’s as the theme. Cheesy, romantic, creepy, they’re all fair game.

Of course there are prizes for the event.

Valentine’s Day Card
Grand Prize: Epic Signet of Laceration
2nd Place: Firehouse Dog (Epic Pet) + Selection of Blue Signets
3rd Place: 3 Million Pax + Selection of Blue Signets

Valentine’s Poem
Grand Prize: [To Be Announced / Confirmed!]
2nd Place: Feline Wraith (Rare Pet) + Selection of Blue Signets
3rd Place: 3 Million Pax + Selection of Blue Signets

So if ever there was a time to show off your romantic side it’s now. You can send your entries to Jingi on Twitter @Djinngi, on the Official Forums (Jingi) or by emailing GinSynrio@Gmail.com. Don’t forget to include your in-game name in your message too so prizes can be distributed.

You can find out more about the contest here. We look forward to seeing the entries, the last few contests have been great to judge and this one looks like it’s going to be just as fun.

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Get ready for a rumble with 1.13.2

We’ve waited, we’ve yelled, we’ve stamped our feet like a petulant five-year old in candy aisle of the supermarket. Finally it’s all paid off. Update 1.13.2 launches today (28/01/16) and will bring the Shambala PvP scenario as well as the dungeon finder.


If you’re new to the game then Shambala may just sound like a mythical place (we thought it was for a while too), but it’s real. This PvP map allows players to group up into two teams. Faction isn’t what’s important here, making sure your team wins is.

The map comes with various perils to make the battle a little more challenging too (I quite enjoy the snowstorms). Battles are quick and hectic and once you get a taste for them you’ll quickly be queuing for more.

The Group Finder is also set to make an appearance. It will have various rewards and bonuses for using it and will make a welcome addition to the game for people who aren’t so keen on reaching out for help in chat.

With issue 13 now in the bag work can begin on issue 14. But first Valentine’s day…

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