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While walking at the London alleyways and streets, have you stepped inside those small shops to check out their wares? Have you wondered what kind of services you can find from our world. I think it is time to highlight all the pleasures and services our world can offer. I will be starting with London and it’s two most visible places, The Horned God pub and Ealdwic Underground Station.


When you enter London through Agartha, you see stairs ahead of you. At the top of these you will see some merchants with their wares. The nearest one you might even smell from the stairs, as this lovely Chemist is selling incense and other items, like old fashioned oil lamps and ointments in clay containers. Prices are nice and the quality of the items is high too. The relaxing smell, that comes from the stall, is not too strong. So, sensitive customers should not be alarmed. All of her wares are safe for even most conscious customers.

The whole area of Ealdwic Underground Market is open with 5 stalls and one merchant couple. You can find all kind of things from here. Incense, hats, leather clothing suitable for extreme spots, some occult weapons, meat in different forms and old fashioned and second hand televisions and boom-boxes. There are plenty of other stores in London too, but these six merchants are nicely located next to underground entrance, ready to serve busy Bees.

If you are not in hurry, why not relax at London’s famous pub The Horned God? You can see it when you leave the Ealdwic market. It is located south-west of the Underground, just cross the street. It must be the oldest pub in the area too, it was established 1116 years ago. The whole place looks nearly as much any British pub with dark wood panelling, green leather sofas and cosy stalls. But not all British pubs have fairy serving you with a smile. Lovely Miss Luella likes her work and she is not afraid to show it. The Horned God hosts several radio-shows during the afternoons and nights. They also have vast selection of different alcoholic products, from basic beer to exclusive whiskeys as well as non-alcoholic drinks, premium tea and coffee and freshly squeezed fruit drinks are available. Upstairs you can find a dancefloor, small bar and small stalls for private conversations. Most of the radio-shows are held here, as the dancefloor is big enough for dancing and fun. The Horned God also has a lovely beer-garden and if the weather is good it is the perfect place to relax after rough days work. Some of the radio-shows also occupy this area.

In my next column I will talk about other interesting places and companies we have. If you have a company or stall, contact me. I would be pleased to make small story about you and the services you provide for us Bees.

Alastair “Vasilis” Forsyth


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