Jingi’s Sunday TSW Column #3

Hey you lovely people, happy Valentine’s day! So from near or far, wherever you are even if you’re alone know that I love you! Jingi is here for all your loving needs which includes sending you cuddles and cute cat pictures.

This week was a sweet, nice and slow week. Thankfully, at least, because I know a few of us needed to catch our breath!

Be on the look out for the Secret Podcast‘s newest Episode 44, coming out soon!
I hear they’re vying to get superstar guests like Tomium and Community Manager Andy soon!

Other than that, in this week’s column I will highlight a few things: (a) The Streaming Ones Episode 17, (b) Beyond the Veil Podcast Episode 174, (c) The TSW Phone Application, (d) Reanimating an Ancient Addon, (e) Weekly Occurrences & more!

On this delightful episode of the Streaming Ones, they laid back and relaxed with a little bit of Illuminati insight. Tilty, Scrivnomancer and Andy took us on a tour through the Illuminati Complex, explaining the little quirks that they put into the game.

They also upon request featured concept art of various Illuminati agents! Featured Below:

They also seemed to be sneaky and sneak in a second part to the Mini-ARG that seems to be up and running!

Two weeks ago the Buzzing put up the sacred Pentacle of Solomon, which ties back to the lesser Keys of Solomon and this week they featured static images in the episode that our players figured out to be the Seal of Belial!

( Link to ARG Thread Here )

So currently two seals are up – What do they mean? What do they concern for the future?
Seal of Solomon
Seal of Belial

Will they display another seal on the next Dev Stream? Who knows but we’re all excited for this type of ARG!

Next up, we had the Beyond the Veil Podcast Episode 174! 

The lovely Antida was back, thankfully, because most of us felt like we were running around with our heads on fire. (Just kidding!)

It was a lovely time there at the Podcast. With Xander, Antida, Azagthor, Gryph, Gigabyte and Myself! We featured the show in London Bartleby & Daughters recapping how our gracious overlords have given us banks in every faction capital as well as touch on the streaming ones and new valentines items!

Lots of old items made a comeback as well as a few new ones:

Claimable (Free) Items:
Heart Pendant, Silver (Can only Purchase 5x Per Account)

Giftable items only:
Lovebird (New!)
Rose Rain (New!)

Purchasable items for yourself and others:
Valentine’s Scooter (New!)
Bag of Saint Valentine’s
Satchel of Amorous Delights
Corsage, lily
Corsage, Rose
Engagement Ring
Heart Pendant, gold
Brown Valentine Bear
Pink Valentine Bear
White Valentine Bear

You can also visit the Valentine’s Event Vendor in any capital city and purchase a Satchel of Amorous Delights for 250 BB or 300k Pax twice per day.

Note: These items are only available until February 23rd, 2016!

The hot topic of the episode was the thread that was bursting on the official TSW forums thread on how Subscribers & Grandmasters have a new badge next to their name.

Now for the big time. Time to hit this out of the park!
As it was announced on BtV’s episode 172 – our very own Distance has relinquished more information containing the up and coming TSW Phone App project.

This is something that will be in the works for quite a while and we hope it will be a success! More information will be labeled in this column when it pops up. Stay in the know at the Blue Sun Initiative Enjin!

What is featured below is the developments & ideas that Distance and team are pitching back and forth between the group to see what we can make! As a note, the drawing board ideas are features that we’re trying to see if they can be implemented. There are chances that some cannot be implemented due to unforeseen circumstances. Right now, the application is currently being developed for Android, but with funds permitting, an IOS version will be created as well.

Currently in-progress: Dragon theme for prototype interface. Basic programming to show off prototype functionality.

Drawing Board:
Daily Faction Messages (Which would include player ran messages from Templars, Dragon, Illuminati, Phoenicians, Council of Venice, and Orochi!)
TSW Phone App Mini-ARGs (Interactive ARGs w/ information that would be available on the application!)
Player-Ran Phone Missions (Missions that perhaps could be written up by the individual players and posted for the whole user-base to see / interact with if they wished.)

“Scratch off Cards” aka: Minigames to earn in-game loot. (Could tie in with time-limited Official Funcom sponsored events for unique cosmetics or titles)
Functional Guild Chat & Information
Labeling of Zone Events (Think RFG, Gridstream, Happy Tentacle Radio / Beyond the Veil / appearing at their hosted locations on the interactive map)

Auction House Access (Not 100% Due to needing interaction w/ Funcom)
Character View (Could poll information from Chronicle)
Talent Calculator (Create unique, in-app calculator. Mobile friendly!)
Inventory Browser (Not 100% Due to needing interaction w/ Funcom)
Server Status

– Bestiary (With help of the Nine Swords!)
Roleplaying Feature (Tie program into TSWRP? Perhaps.)
Interfacing with The Secret Buzz! (Want to see when a new issue comes out? Well we’ll try to do that too.)
Interfacing Player Ran Contests (Stay in the know to win the most epic of loot!)

Again, these are all ideas and if you DO have any ideas to contribute to the list, please do not hesitate to message the director, Distance.

This week, as well, I have been in game fiddling with a severely outdated add-on crafted by the user Nari. (Custom UI Thread Here)

The add-on was crafted back in 2012 called “Custom UI” and was made before the now standard GUI was built for TSW. However I wanted to fiddle around with it because it still employs elements that only it can do to change how the UI looks.

It is also very complicated to use if you do not have a proper run down of the add-on as well as the files are terribly hard to get a hold of unless you sift through a few threads. Luckily, Katarina1 helped me out with this!

Let me say that this was a hell to do without any knowledge at all. It took me a few hours to even figure out HOW to get the add-on to pop up as you used to need to download CustomUI + ModMenu to even access it. However there is a root option you can use to bring it up and I recommend using that instead of trying to fetch the outdated ModMenu.

WARNING: I’ve tested this add-on with BooWarnings, TSWRP, AutoSelect Aegis, ModFolder, Misjah’s Script Builder and the ChatColors and it at least works with those. It may not work with others, you would have to test it out for yourself. Remember – this is an outdated add-on, it will bug from time to time.

Bugs: Example: Logging or Zoning in will cause the resource bars to disappear but doing a reloadui will bring them back. Changing your gearset in the gear manager will also bring your resources back. That’s the only bug i’ve encountered so far.

Now if you want to toy with this add-on like I have, you’ll have to do a few things.


Download the files here: http://www.guildargo.com/public-addons/CustomUI.zip

Once downloaded you MUST extract the files to your flash folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Funcom\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash

Once in TSW files, log into game and put in the command:

/option cuiShowOptionsWindow true

It should pop up a box like this:
Once that pops up you have the free range to do what you like! It took me awhile to tinker with out to move things but I realized you must use the mouse wheel and roll over the orange UI elements to get which element you want to move. Once you do if you want to resize, rotate, etc, you must furiously click and then mouse wheel scroll over the “numbers” in the Custom UI box to get it to move.

It took me forever to figure that out and it probably will take you a bit too if you test it out!

I eventually ended up with something like this:

In the picture above I was able to get rid of the abilities’ shadows! (I moved them the all the way hell to the left to get them out of my screen.) As well as rotated resources and moved abilities.

Note if you DO play around with this add-on and want to keep your settings make sure that “enabled” is highlighted instead of “default”. If you want to reset your UI to the way things were, well, I’m still figuring that out besides completely reinstalling/uninstalling the add-on.

So if you want to fiddle with this and try to customize your UI with elements that aren’t in the GUI yourself, try it out! But be warned again, this is an outdated add-on.

Last up in this Weekly Round up!
Oh gosh a lot happened. There was several Valentine’s themed parties going on.

A Gridstream Illuminati Social Mixer happened at the Albion as well as Lucid’s RFG party at the Mansion!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend but I saw from twitter that they were a blast to attend! I also missed Miri’s valentine’s bash this Sunday! Gah! I miss all the parties.

Cindrello never gets to go! Busy, busy, busy!

But look next week for more events to come.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for Next Sunday’s Column. If you have any updates you would like to give The Secret Podcast or myself, please send me a message at GinSynrio@Gmail.com or over twitter at @Djinngi.

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