Welcome to a new segment. Here our writers will have free reign to discuss whatever is on their mind when it comes to The Secret World. From clothing to dungeons and things they’d like to see. As long as it’s not breaking any rules (exploits I’m looking at you) or highlighting a player for all the wrong reasons, it’s all fair game.

So I thought I’d start with something that is close to my heart. It’s the reason I started the site. The community.

We have a community like no other. I have played many MMOs in my time. I’ve encountered good and bad and mediocre but never anything like TSW. More often than not games communities are very closed and intimidating to new players. Even if you know people who are part of the community it can sometimes be very hard to feel comfortable there if your friends aren’t are online. You find yourself wandering around an area trying not to make eye contact with anyone you don’t know.

And that’s before I mention general chat which more often than not is a place that sanity goes to die.

But The Secret World is different. Our community is different. For the most part people are welcoming to new players. Showing them the ropes, taking them through dungeons that they have often run many times before and answering questions that in other game people would probably be too scared to ask for fear of being greeted with a barrage of abuse.

But it extends further than in game. I have found support outside of the game too. If I’m having a bad day because my depression is playing up I can reach out and there are always people who will give me supportive words. From all levels of the community too. CMs and Devs to players of all walks of life. I honestly can’t imagine another game where that would happen.

Our community is also one of the most open minded too. We are a diverse group of players with people from all walks of life. The game reflects that and players reaction to the diverse characters shows how mature and welcoming our community is.

We aren’t perfect. Far from it. We bitch and moan. We squabble amongst ourselves. But when compared to other communities we are actually one of the more level headed.

I could go on, but my main point is this. We have been through a lot. We’ve seen many changes in TSW and at Funcom and what might have broken other communities has only made us stronger as a result. Be proud of our community. It is one of the selling points of our game. It helps to make TSW the welcoming place that it is. It helps to ensure that people remain. We are all part of that. Each and every one of us have an impact and I’m proud to be part of it. You should be too.

Kle regularly can be found sighing at Auroris on the Podcast and in-game wearing very little clothing at Psywarrior’s shows. You can follow him on Twitter @klethetemplar or you can get in touch by email kle@thesecretpodcast.co.uk

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