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Patching in Leeching

We all love patch notes right? We all spend ages looking over the latest changes and additions to the game that each new patch brings, right? Ok, just me then.


Well, you might want to take a look at these ones if you haven’t already because the nice people at Funcom have added a few quality of life changes.

Patch 1.13.3 brings a slew of bug fixes. But it also brings tweaks to the mouse targeting system. The Group Finder gets some additions with random dungeons now counting to daily goals and queue times hopefully cut down.

PvP also gets some love with a some changes to the way healing scores are dealt with and the more accurate death counts (because we like to see accurately how many people we have killed or in my case how many times I have died).

But the biggest change that has most people talking is the change to the way leeching works with enemy AEGIS shields. In the past you couldn’t leech in Tokyo (or it was extremely difficult to) because you were only able to leech health from the core health bar after burning away the AEGIS shield. Now as long as you have the matching AEGIS controller it will treat the leech effect the same as it would if you were leeching from the core health bar. Once again Leech builds are viable in Tokyo.

You can read the full notes here (and you really should there’s lots we haven’t covered)

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