Meet the Dragon – The Streaming Ones

Today’s episode of The Streaming Ones was focusing on the Dragon. Tilty’s character today was called TilTease.

The devs today were nowhere near as colour co-ordinated this time around. Odonoptera’s argyle of choice today was pink.

Concept art of the Seoul Fight Club


Scrivnomancer provided us with some comments on how the Dragon are not just peculiar, they are Extra Peculiar. The Silent Monks were also reportedly voiced by Scrivnomancer, until Tilty personally went round sewing their mouths shut.

In the spirit of chaos, they left the mic on, and we heard random giggling coming from them. So that happened.

Jin Jae-Hoon was designed as a relatively ‘mundane’ character, to give us a description of the Dragon from a not-completely-weird character.

Another interesting little tidbit we learnt is that the singer in the Kumiho lobby is actually voiced by Audio Director Simon Poole’s wife. Good way to keep it in the family.

Concept art for Hana, the women in the red dress.


Of course, given the opening cutscenes, they had to talk about the ‘footrub’. They commented on the uproar it caused, with people complaining that their characters would never have done that. Scrivnomancer told us that the lady in red’s name is actually Hana, and that she is much more than she seems. NEW INFORMATION FTW! It turns out, she has a supernatural ability to draw secrets out of others, even if they don’t know they know the secret.

And of course, chat was asking for the dress to be in game.

Concept art for the half-demon, Akma.


Akma, first seen in the pre-release character bios we got all that time ago, was born in the hell realms, we learn. He found his way to Earth accidentally during demon wars, and is half demon, half human. Having reached Earth, he was abused for a time, but has found his way to Hana, who is openly accepting of him for who he is.

Odonoptera was on highly energetic form today, from making strange noises, to squeeing over Pokemon. We now have recorded evidence that Odo is a child.

Cardiac Arrest is a fucking awesome animation now.
– Scrivnomancer

Tilty talked a bit about the ability revamps. Phase one was done some time ago, where they redid a lot of animations and mechanics, especially for Elite abilities. Phase two is apparently in the works.

Several people tracked Tilty down ingame, and started an impromptu party around the large tree in the Dragon Coils. Tilty suggested they stay put for a couple of months and something might happen. Could this be a TilTrees for the anniversary events?

Child Concept Art

Several players in chat noted the Almighty Janitor sweeping the central room. Is he the real leader of the Dragon? Perhaps we will know one day, perhaps never.

Concept art for Bong Cha


Scrivnomancer delved back into the depths, and retrieved some information on Bong Cha for us. (Several eldritch horrors were also released. We are assured that containment measures are in hand.)

Bong Cha was originally a model law student at one of Korea’s most prestigious universities. One day, she was sitting in the library working, when she suddenly got up and left to become the Child’s executive assistant. She ensures that all the Child’s wants and needs are taken care of, and that instructions reach the people that need them. Apparently she was only drafted in the last year before the events of the game. Scrivnomancer described the Child as the composer, and Bong Cha as the conductor.

The Child is seen to age significantly between the start and Issue 11.


Tilty also described the Dragon as the youngest faction, which set all the lore lovers talking.

Approaching the end of the stream, Tilty talked about the new banking representatives in each HQ. Asked about whether they would ever get an umbrella, he noted that there were lots of players there looking after her, so she wouldn’t need one any time soon. He also queried which banker had it worst.

Mood setting concept art for Seoul


Tilty was going to tell us stuff about Issue 14 this time, but it wasn’t ready to show us yet. The next stream will be dedicated to Issue 14, and may even include a release date!

The Templar stream has been postponed indefinitely pending the Templar discovery of fire.

There were some giveaways of points during the stream, and Odonoptera ended up having to say SatanTits live again.

You can find the stream here, to see the whole thing, and anything we may have missed.

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