Jingi’s Sunday TSW Column #6

Welcome to another Sunday Super #TSW Column. Where the the article is made up and the points don’t matter! Kidding. Research is at least done each week.

Be sure to look out for Episode 47 of The Secret Podcast! I hear it was magical. It’s always magical when I leave Auroris and Kle alone. That’s when things get set on fire. Unfortunately I could not attend because I happened to catch ill on Saturday.

On this week’s writings I will touch on: (a) Beyond the Veil Podcast Episode 177, (b) Interview with Radio Free Gaia, (c) What’s to do with the Buzzing, and (d) Weekly occurrences and more!

This week on Beyond the Veil episode 177 was an adventurous one! It held the return of our very own Veri – PvP expert.

Unfortunately Antida could not attend the show due to work, but we still had a full house with Azagthor and DarkGryph co-hosting.

On the show we touched based on a very exciting PvP debate between Veri and Jagour who went over the still new-in-action Shambala and going on’s in the older PvP hubs.

They even based on what was happening in TestLive – thankfully it seems like things are looking or will look up for PvP environments in the future.

As well as that, our own Jagour has a new PvP event in the works. Look here for more information on that event next column!


1. Thanks for joining! Can you tell us how long Radio Free Gaia has been around, and when did they first get started in TSW?

Radio Free Gaia has literally been around since the game first opened on July 3rd, 2012. Quantum, Fox, Arcane, and Blues were the founding four members. Quantum was actually known as DJ Hammer for a brief while at the start. I believe several of them had been DJs for The Cape in City of Heroes and such before, but I couldn’t give their exact history on that. They decided they wanted to move on but were super open to the idea of letting the remaining staff and DJs keep it up, which is when I asked if I could. Like the ones before us, we decided a multi-person management system was best, so Notes and I cover the financial costs of the station and Cipher helps manage things like EU issues since Notes and I are both in North America. I stumbled across the station myself during what we jokingly called the “Week of silence” because during the first month of TSW, there were some awful community server bugs that literally prevented anyone from being able to talk to each other. Yet I still attended a show Quantum was holding in the London Tube station and it was a lot of fun. Quantum passed away very shortly after we gained ownership of the station and it was a really hard blow. I considered him a friend and mentor, and now my hope is to maintain the station in a way that I feel he’d be proud of. We have to make it ‘ours’, but I want to honor his ideals and what he loved about it.

2. How many DJs currently run shows and how would you feel about aspiring DJs wanting to be a part of the RFG family?

This is actually a trickier question than it seems at first! The average is ~13 DJs, but we super advocate that real life has to take priority for people. Sickness, stress, work – those have to come first over a hobby and we don’t want any of our DJs feeling guilty. So, some DJs just do shows when they’re able to or if someone requests them for an event. Others run two shows a week, other shows are every other week… hence the difficulty in answering the question!

Right now, we’re closed for new actual DJ applications but that doesn’t mean it won’t be something that opens in the future. The real thing to consider is that, honestly, there’s a kerfuffle every few months or so about too many DJ shows and that’s something I think all the stations take seriously and worry about. We don’t want to step on each other’s toes for the most part and try to respect when someone’s regular show time is, so it limits the prime hours to have a show even if our personal schedule is open.

3. How is the ease of use when it comes to equipment when DJing with the Radio Free Gaia broadcast system?

There’s a couple of methods though we give instructions so it’s fairly easy I think. Notes tries to help out any DJ who is having trouble with the software. I would say the hardest thing for DJs to learn is actually the licensing rules. In order to stay legal and to not have to pay more than we already do, there’s a fair amount of ways the music can be played. For example, only a certain amount of songs can be played by one creator in a time span. There’s certain things you are or are not allowed to say on air. These aren’t rules we made, they’re rules that all radio stations are supposed to follow in order to avoid fines.

4. We’ve seen RFG host / run events in the past, will there be any upcoming ones in the future?

Yes, always. 🙂 We try not to crowd the schedule too much with our own events, but anyone who wishes a DJ to provide music for theirs can always put up a request on the page. Lucid is actually organizing an event on March 19th called Carpe Equinoctem to celebrate the Spring Equinox so people can plan for that one! We try to keep the twitter at @Radiofreegaia updated when there’ll be an event. Sometimes we’ll do something just because we enjoy it and want to see it done – there’s a couple things in the back of our brains on that front of things we want to do – but we always want to make sure we’re not conflicting with a community request.

5. Would there be anything you’d like to tell the TSW community about RFG that most people don’t probably know?

Well, I would hope most people know it, but in case they don’t – never feel shy about contacting us about working into an event. It’s possible we won’t be able to reach a compromise but most of our DJs honestly do try. We run our shows to offer entertainment to others and a place to gather for RP. We’re usually more than happy to mention an event even if we’re not connected with it if we can do so ICly. We have had people request that we mention something they’re doing on air and it’s really not an issue to. The hope of RFG is to add to the RP enjoyment of the community. That’s why we’re here. All the staff and DJ volunteer their time entirely, many of them spending hours preparing a playlist each week then 2-3 hours actually playing it for everyone. We do it because we love TSW and the community, not for personal ego.

Oh. And a common misconception: The stations don’t hate each other! We play different styles of music and have different personalities, but we actually super do not want fans hating one or the other! That goes counter to the point that we’re about the community. Everyone has personal preferences so someone might favor one DJ over another or one station over another and that’s okay. We just don’t want anyone thinking we’re at each other’s throats because if we are, no one gave me the memo!

You heard it here folks, share the love! Music is what brings us together and Radio Free Gaia has certainly been doing that for years! Keep up the great work and churning out events for all to enjoy.

Well, well, well. What’s to do with the Buzzing?

It all started out with a picture.
Solomon (Lesser Key of Solomon)

And then came a flash if broken images to form…
Belial (Lesser Key of Solomon)

And next a whisper…
“Witness: It who Gnaws the Name below.”

Nidhogg (Norse Mythology?)

Each image or message the Buzzing sends us our busy bees quickly decipher them. Now if they’re correct – or not- it matters little. What we do have to fear is the coming tide.

What’s going to happen?
Why are these blasphemous names being invoked?
We’ll just have to find out next week on March 11th, 2016.
That is the prophesied date of the next clue in The Secret World’s newest ARG.

Do you feel like you can solve this puzzle? Check out the ARG thread here!

Last up, the weekly occurrences.

  • Just a reminder that Tipsutin will be hosting the charity for Endometriosis on March 19th, 2016.
  • The current Saints & Sinners Drink Contest is running and will end soon! Think up a non-alcoholic drink for Asmod and win a prize! Enter here.
  • There is a new survey up for anyone to take, focusing on the TSW community consensus. The Survey will be open until March 31st, 2016 and can be found here.
  • The Sanctuary Network is getting a head start on #ExtraLife and forming a team! If you want to join in on the ExtraLife charity fun & streams, find more info here!
  • Raids are currently down in The Secret World to fix an issue. Sorry for the inconvenience but they are working hard to get them back up!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for Next “Sunday’s” Column. If you have any updates you would like to give The Secret Podcast or myself, please send me a message at GinSynrio@Gmail.com or over twitter at @Djinngi.

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