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Pagan Hill, London

It is time to continue our detailed tour of Historical London. Shall we walk to Pagan Hill? This area has heavy Caribbean vibes and is home to a few establishments and many private individuals, yours truly included. This small area of our London is located in the very south-west edge of London, next to Haitian Market. You can basically sniff your way there from Horned God’s beer garden. In rare warm summer days you could be mistaken for thinking you were in the Caribbean. All those smells, the humidity and the music drifting from the establishments makes any Caribbean Secret worlder miss their home.

One of the first things you probably will see when entering the small square is the Legendary Mama Abena. She sits on her wheelchair in front of the House of Chalk. She is very friendly, although she can be a bit too curious for some people. She seems to remember everything and I think she also has sweet spot for Street preachers. Mama Abena also owns the nearby Haitian restaurant Ayiti. If you listen to Mama long enough, she sends you on an interesting task. No-one can really say how long she has been in London, and she probably can not remember either. She has always been there, talking about old times under Caribbean sun.

House of Chalk

One of the most well known establishments at the Pagan Hill square is House of Chalk, a friendly neighbourhood voodoo shop. Naturally they cater a lot more than voodoo supplies. They have big variety of different kind of herbs for example. It does not matter if you need spices for cooking, a sabbath ritual, voodoo or room refreshment. They will have it. And they will not pry how you are going to use it. In the rare occasions, when they do not have what you are looking for, they will certainly guide you in the right direction. The scent of herbs might be overpowering for some more sensitive individuals, but the place is still worth the visit. You can find equipment for every kind of religious activity. They also have weekly and seasonal sales going on, so remember to check out the place time to time.

In my next column I will take a deeper look at other interesting people and companies in this area of London. If you have a company or stall, contact me. I would be pleased to make small story about you and the services you provide for us Bees.

Alastair “Vasilis” Forsyth


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