The Streaming Ones: Issue 14

This week the regular look into the factions was put on hold so that Tilty and co could tease us with a look into Issue 14. And tease he did.

Issue 14 goes back to the creepy, story driven missions that we all know and love (think Tyler Freeborn) with two new investigation missions and six mission in total.

Red Argyle

But where will this new mission chain be taking place? Why sunny Egypt of course. As Tilty explained, there are a lot of stories left untold in Egypt and we never really got to see the more eerie side of it. A lot of people sighed at the idea of returning to The City of the Sun God but Tilty was quick to reassure us that there have been some changes made to the area which will make it easier to get around including new Anima Wells. He was also quick to tell us that AEGIS was not necessary for this mission chain and was currently restricted to Tokyo and maybe used in future playfields but it would depend on where the story takes us.

The story has areas that are in existing playfields as well as two new instances. Tilty went into a lot of details about the first instance. Explaining that they wanted to give it a feeling of claustrophobia and creepiness. With players not knowing what is going to come out of the dark from moment to moment.

Tilty also took this opportunity to tell us about his days spent underground, exploring caves and looking for all manner of creatures in the dark. Suddenly it all makes sense.

They didn’t want to tell us about the second instance because they were worried about the spoilers but did say it would have a boss battle in it.

Abdel Daoud ArtThere are lots of familiar characters including “that guy”, “that other guy” and “that other person”. However we were treated to a look at some art which appeared to show Abdel Daoud as well as an audio clip for Lara “Klein” Croft (Tilty named him that after the discussion on tomb raiding) and a cutscene with the Sentinels who were very, very worried.

Tilty explained that he wanted to take a look at some of the characters we didn’t really get a chance to explore fully in previous visits.

This issue comes with a host of new features. One thing that Egypt seemed to be missing was the dreaded scarab beetle. Well fear not, after much complaining from players and staff alike it has finally made it into the game.

Scarab Beetle Concept

There was an indepth look in the development of the scarab. Each creature has a rig (or skeleton) which controls its movement and is also used as the base for it’s body. The scarab uses the same rig as the scorpion but the tail and pincers were removed. Once the rig and any new animations have been sorted additional layers are added to flesh out the model until you end up with the final unskinned model. From there a layer of colour is added to give the scarab a natural feel.

But scarabs are not the only thing to be added to the game with this issue. You’ll also see a change to some of your elite abilities with a new buff on bosses called Anima Deviation. It sounds worrying but it means that Elite abilities used against a boss that has that buff will now have it’s CC skill converted into damage instead of impairing the boss. This only affects Elite abilities which have a CC effect and is aimed at making DPS less likely to upset the tank in dungeons.

Teleport Window

You’ll also find your inventory becomes a little less clogged up with the addition of the Teleport window. Now if you want to return to Agartha or use your Lorenzian Fabricator V2 to get to the Orochi Tower Lobby you can call up a menu which will show you all the teleport options you have (as well as those you don’t and tell you how to get them) and the remaining cooldown on them. So that’s an extra four slots on the inventory.

The final new addition is Jump Pads. Yes you read that right Jump Pads. Pads that allow you to jump from one place to another. Apparently a lot of work has gone into these, getting the animations right and making sure the player is able to control the character while they are in the air. They will make an appearance in the issue’s mission chain but expect to see them more as the game goes forward.


But what would an Issue be without a Collector’s Edition? As usual we will be seeing three shiny items if you get the Collector’s Edition. A teleport which will take you to an area in Egypt where most of the missions take place, a scarab pet and a new Arabian outfit (which comes in seperate peices).

So when can we expect Issue 14? Well Soon™. In fact there has been a slight delay in getting the content on to Test Live but they hope to have the first mission out on Monday with additional missions being added over time. The Issue itself is scheduled for “Some time in March”. Which in the scheme of things is actually quite soon.

And to finish off the stream we were left with the cover art for the new issue. And I’ll leave you with that too. Enjoy Call of the Nameless and we’ll see you in March.

Issue 14 Cover Art

You can catch the whole stream here

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