Jingi’s Sunday TSW Column #7

F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me! N is for anytime and all the time with John, and I’m butchering this song, but still. Happy Sunday all!

Back on schedule. Everything is A-OK. Nothing to see here. DON’T LOOK AT THE CREEPING TERRORS COMING FOR YOU.

I keep terribly missing my beloved Secret Podcast due to lack of sleep, but please look out for their newest episode – 48. It will be on the rise soon!

Aside from that, this week I will be highlighting our very best: (a) The Streaming Ones Episode 19, (b) Beyond the Veil Podcast Episode 178, (c) Interview with DM Requine, (d) PVP Galore, (e) Weekly occurrences and more!

The Streaming Ones caught us with shock and awe this week!

You can read an in-depth overview here by Kle!

Instead of the Templar faction we were inspired by the teasing of Issue 14 “The Call of the Nameless”.

Thankfully for this issue it has been confirmed that there will be no Aegis content whatsoever!

With a return back to Egypt because of tremors in the ground, they revealed that there will be eight missions in total: Six main missions and two investigation missions.

The investigation missions will hold one easier one, and another type of advanced mission mechanics that has never been displayed in an investigation mission before – with developers seeking to challenge us!

They teased us with adding in a new monster type as well – the Scarab! Which might also bring a new “1,000,000” kill achievement!

They also previewed three new things they will be implementing in the issue –

Anima Deviation (New Fight Mechanic)
Teleport Window (Quality of Life Update)
Jump Pads (???)

And my personal favorite, the CE edition for Issue 14 which will include my all-time new favorite outfit that I will love forever:

They say that Issue 14 will be released during March so stick around for the next Streaming Ones on March 25th!

Next up, Beyond the Veil Episode 178 was an adventure, at least.

The Thursday night cast was cut in half, being just Xander, Azagthor, Jagour and I.

Thankfully we came up with more than enough to talk about other than making charming jokes! Well, I am the comedic relief but still!

We mostly went over budding player questions that have been frequent over the forums, giving advice to those in need of a community. Are you in need of friends or a community? There’s a big one out there waiting just for you! Never play alone again (unless you want to).

Catch us next time when we should have a full cast and crew for Episode 179!

DM series1

1. How long have you been a Dungeon Master and when did you get started in TSW?

I’ve been running games – mostly Dungeons and Dragons, but some White Wolf games and a few weird indie niche games like Dread – since I was sixteen, so for about a decade now. I got involved in The Secret World right after it went buy to play, and immediately sunk something like two thousand hours into it. I loved the world, the plot, the lore, and when I read an interview with the TSW devs about the Twitterverse, I was fascinated. I made my first RP account at the tail end of 2014 and began to tweet and explore other peoples’ characters right away.

2. How many people can sign up for your events?

We’ve experimented with different player base sizes. During the Paris event “La Chasse Commence”, we ended up having 30+ players. That was a huge learning experience, but it also bolstered my belief that there is room for large community plots that give every player a time to shine. For now, we’re planning on running small groups around focused events, and then launching large campaigns with no player limit once we’ve done our groundwork.

3. Are there any rules or guidelines pertaining to out of character when it comes to your events? In-character?

The number one rule I go for, when it comes to player conduct, is that your actions should allow the possibility of more stories, not reduce the possibility. So if someone is playing an
incredible shot, that’s fine, and I wouldn’t restrict that. However, if they started taking EVERY shot, EVER, and complained OOC when they were grouped with other snipers/marksmen, then that would be problematic and something I’d have to deal with. By contrast, if someone played an incredibly weak character, that’d be fine. But if they demanded that they be put in the exact same dangerous situations as the team’s tanks, or objected when they got a different story to suit their character’s limitations, I’d be equally annoyed. Both behaviours lock down potential stories and railroad things Luckily, I haven’t had too many problems with out of character actions.

When it comes to in-character, I really like ‘thinking’ characters. People who will think about their environments, or deal differently depending on context. If a character is played exactly the same on a battlefield, at a poker table, or in the grasp of a nemesis, then they’re likely going to be tough for a Dungeon Master. As an example, I was running a scene in a Templar city. Two Illuminati entered, and one genuinely asked the Templar in the office why they couldn’t assassinate the Templar ruling the city. Obviously, in a “Real World” situation, those Illuminati would be straight murdered.

I think that while in character, it’s important to see these moments as cool challenges that expand your role and allow for character development. If you play a sniper who just kills people, and you’re suddenly tested with using a non-violent method, that’s a really good test to see how your character handles sudden restrictions There are also players who also use characters to ‘show off’ or go for the ‘best and most valuable moment’ during an RP. Look at the environment and cast the DM has set up and try to recognize how that would change your behaviour.

4. Your events seem to encompass large areas, over a certain amount of time. If there was a way, could players suggest ideas for your event? I.E. Certain details that would make their own personal story more meaningful?

I always start a campaign with very few starting points and details set up – just a bunch of strong story hooks. Once people are hooked and are on an adventure they enjoy, I can start changing the ‘world’ around them to reflect their choices. One example of that is during the Las Vegas campaign, Arbuthnot’s Eleven’, I had the casinos and their staff react differently after certain events. In every campaign, I try to have the choices the players make come back in some way – perhaps people on the street are afraid, or maybe they’ve drawn a new foe out. I think that campaigns should reward players – especially ones who are active enough to make friends with NPCs and learn the lay of the land. I also talk to players at certain places in the story and see how they feel and what they’re planning. Sometimes they ask me for a favour or to be guided to a certain place in the plot; other times they’re just happy to talk to me and I learn enough to make them a great surprise that’ll show up in the narrative.

5. Is there anything you would like people to know about how you DM or about your events that most people would know In-Character or Out-Of-Character?

The first thing I’d like everyone to know is that I genuinely care – I care about the Secret World’s lore and world, I care about your characters and the history they bring into one of my campaigns, I care about the story that I’m about to tell and I hope it’s something that I can be proud of. Another big thing is that I am more than happy to improv. If you want to bring a NPC, throw a plot point at me in the middle of a document, betray an ally, or do something that would ruin a carefully planned narrative – go ahead. I love being able to take a campaign and turn everything upside down while the players adapt.

The final thing is that getting to write with some of the characters and be introduced to so much great writing and different takes on a similar subject is great. It’s by far the best part of my job, and I hope I keep getting surprised by excited new players about to write with me for the first time.

You heard it here folks! Are you hankering to get in with a large community plot? Want to express and expand your character? Join up with Requine’s plots when available.

Next up, PVP Galore!

PvP PvP PvP. I don’t even know how to, but I know these folks will be most willing to help you out if you don’t!

Two new events have cropped up as of late – by our own community members Jagour and Distance!

F-F-F-Fusang Fighting Sundays!

Jagour has created an event that he hopes to use to inspire people to get back into the older mini-games, and one being his special love of Fusang.

The event will be an all-day thing, held every Sunday. Grab your PvP Gear, Signets & Builds and head over to Fusang for some fun!

It does not matter whether you’re in Battle Group A or B! Queue up and fight for your faction’s honor!

If you have any questions – contact Jagour in game! Find out more information here.

Along with that is Distance’s Monthly “Fight Club” brawl.

On March 29th, 2016 the tournament will be held if there are over sixteen participants!

There will be a selection of prizes for the winners as well.

To sign up and for more information please visit this thread.

Lastly, the weekly occurrences.

*New!* Otterdown is hosting a new fashion contest! It mainly focuses on group efforts of displaying your fabulous nature while out fighting those blasted monsters! Contest ends April 1st, 2016. Find out more information here.

  • Just a reminder that Tipsutin will be hosting the charity for Endometriosis on March 19th, 2016.
  • The current Saints & Sinners Drink Contest is now closed! Watch out for the winners here.
  • There is a new survey up for anyone to take, focusing on the TSW community consensus. The Survey will be open until March 31st, 2016 and can be found here.
  • The Sanctuary Network is getting a head start on #ExtraLife and forming a team! If you want to join in on the ExtraLife charity fun & streams, find more info here!
  • Raids are back up now! Thanks to the speedy team. Do you have any bugs to report? Make sure you report them with the in-game petition. They won’t know what to fix unless you do! 
  • The Secret Buzz issues should be delivered soon to you if you requested one. Watch out for them in the mail!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for Next “Sunday’s” Column. If you have any updates you would like to give The Secret Podcast or myself, please send me a message at GinSynrio@Gmail.com or over twitter at @Djinngi.

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