Episode 50

This week we discuss streams, missing Templars and killing Jennet.


  • AP Week: The latest patch brought free Ap. Earn one get one free. Until next Tuesday. You can find more info here
  • The Streaming Ones: The Templar were unavailable for comment and so the look at the inner workings of Temple Hall has been delayed again until the 1st of April.
  • Ultimate Crafter & Advanced Trade Post Updates: The main mods that have been affected by the change in the base code that deals with inventory have been updated. Not by the original creator but by bonzai86 who couldn’t bear to be without them any longer. The original UC still works if you don’t mind exploded items. You can find the new versions here
  • Podcast donations: You can find out more about our desperate requests for money here


  • Otterdown’s Otterly Fabulous Fashion Contest: You can find the full details of the contest over at the Otter’s website otterromp.com
  • The Secret Buzz Giveaway: We have three copies of The Secret Buzz to give away thanks to Fred. To find out how to get hold of them head over to our contest page for more information here



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