Issue 14: Call of the Nameless

Issue 14 has hit the live servers and it has been generally well received. Call of the Nameless sees players summoned to the Savage Desert portal by the Conductor in Agartha who is more then a little concerned about the implications of earthquakes coming from Egypt. He doesn’t know what’s causing them but he does know that it does not bode well for Agartha.

Issue 14 Cover Art

The issue starts with an Investigation Mission which sees you trying to find out more about the source of the earthquakes using some interesting equipment that our favourite Egyptologists have dug up. As Tilty mentioned on the reveal stream this is a fairly simple Investigation mission for TSW so fears that players would not be able to proceed to the rest of the mission chain can be quickly set aside set aside.

Interestingly this mission also takes us to an instanced version of a dungeon where we discover more about one of the game’s more popular bosses as well as the circumstances leading up to when we meet him.


When we finish the encounter we are led to the the next area where the tremors are strongest. (It’s worth noting that at time of writing there is a known issue where the missions connecting the main missions together are not always activating, especially for groups). It’s here that we get an idea of who may have triggered the quakes.

While exploring this area it quickly becomes apparent that large portions of CotSG have been re-built to be more navigable. With doors that were previously just for show now acting as short cuts through areas and story allowing the developers to open up some of the rocks to create short cuts there too.

Discussing further missions in the chain is tough without giving away plot however it is worth saying that (as usual with TSW) you should pay attention to the cut scenes and any lore that you find.

New mechanics in place make it possible for players to easily get killed if they don’t pay attention to enemies attack patterns. Many Cultists in the mission chain for example have an attack that will wipe a huge percentage of your health if you don’t dodge out of it. If you are used to pulling large groups of enemies and quickly killing them, ignoring their AOEs because you can out-heal their damage you may want to think again.


The second instance is quite interesting, with lots to explore and plenty of puzzles to overcome. If you are hoping for some of the achievements you may want to take a group with you. 😉

The climax is… Well I can’t say. But it is by far one of the best encounters the game has provided. With plenty of mechanics to keep you on your toes (if you have played Shambala you will be familiar with one of them).

The issue isn’t without fault. There are bugs (and not the cute adorable ones that come with the collectors edition). Aside of the breadcrumb missions not applying to groups (and occasionally solo players) there are also instances where some missions don’t spawn a required enemy and the final boss can be a little temperamental when working with groups (he attacked me while I was in the Anima well at one point which caused the rest of the fight to stall for the remaining players).

Bugs can be ironed out however. One of the main bones of contention is the RNG loot bag at the end of the mission chain. When first completing the chain you get to choose a purple item as well as getting a Cirteron and Astral Fuse from the mission turn in. Future playthroughs will only get you a Blue Signet bag from the turn in page. However you always get a RNG Loot bag which can contain items as well as signets. With no way to purchase the items using currency it has led to some heated discussion on the forums. As the mission that proceeds it and the final battle are well worth re-running, personally I don’t feel it’s as bad as some people feel.

Issue 14: Call of the Nameless is available now from the item store.

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