Episode 52

This week we were joined by Community Manager Andy Benditt as we celebrated our One Year Anniversary. Live. It was wonderfully chaotic with random GMs appearing, Andy getting killed and some… Colourful questions. We considered editing the podcast to make it sound more professional but decided that it was much more fun to leave it relatively untouched. (Andy’s Audio is slightly low due to mic issues and due to the way the file was recorded it’s extremely difficult to single out and amplify it).

You can find the original recording over on Twitch here



  • We briefly discussed Tilty’s appearance on Beyond the Veil. Given how hectic it was on our recording we suggest catching the full BtV show on Twitch here or listening to the remastered episode on iTunes or from their website here
  • We had loads of questions for Andy, and unfortunately we couldn’t get through them all.
  • We did discuss Andy’s beard and shockingly he doesn’t have a name for it. He agreed to let us name it and we took all the suggestions from chat and we’ve put up a poll. You can help name Andy’s beard by voting here


  • The Otterly Fashionable Fashion Contest has been extended until the 11th of April. You can find out more information about the contest over at the Otters website otterromp.com
  • Saint & Sinners hold regular events and have just finished one. You can find out all about the latest events over on the forums here or by following them on Twitter here



As always you can get in touch with us by email info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk, Twitter@TSW_Podcast and on Facebook as well as our contact page. You can get the latest episode of the show from iTunes here, Sticher here and directly from the site.



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