A Delayed Patch brings Horses

This week’s patch was delayed for 24 hours. Although the exact reason isn’t clear one thing is clear. The new patch does contain a lot of tweaks and changes to the game and the client in general.

The main highlights of the patch were the ability to Double or right click on a teleport in the Teleport UI instead of the system that requires an extra click on the description. The Psychic AEGIS shield now displays an animation when it refills and you now have the ability to choose from two types of client download from the launcher.

Minimal downloads the first five hours of the game (if you are new) and then downloads content in the background as you play. This is great for people who haven’t played in a while or who have a slow internet connection. Full on the opposite hand downloads all the content before you start playing leading to a delay in you getting in game but hopefully less loading and buffering between un-patched areas. It is worth noting it is not downloading the entire game again, simply the assets you don’t have.


In addition to the various tweaks and bug fixes the patch was also missing something that had the community in an uproar lately. The patch notes for the 27th showed a nurf to the Bombardment skill. The patch on the 28th did not contain the much maligned nurf. The delay could be part of a larger picture of future changes or it could just be a technical issue with the nurf. Hopefully there will be more information about that in the coming Streaming Ones.

Last (but by no means least the patch brought with it two new Item Store items. The Swift Thoroughbred mount, and the Rough Rider outfit are now available and bring a touch of western to The Secret World. The horse itself is pretty impressive and I know we’re glad to see new clothing and items being made available directly and not through RNG bags.

You can read the full patch notes here and visit the Item Store in-game or on the web here

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Mags Answers The ArchiText Questions

Yesterday Lead System designer Mags answered The ArchiTexts questions and there was something for everyone.


He went into great depth about future PvP plans in Fusang including a new direction for the missions, shared battle groups and new dynamic events.

He also addressed the question of creating Nightmare versions of the existing zones as well as well as mentioning Augments.

You can read the whole thing over on the official forums here and it really is worth the read.

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