Episode 56

This week we present to you our most professional episode to date. Honest. When we’re not giggling like school children we discuss museums, The streaming ones and The Secret World’s 4th Anniversary.


Show Notes to be Added Shortly

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The Streaming Ones So Long, but not Goodbye

It was a sad episode of The Streaming Ones this week as we learned that Scrivnomancer was leaving Funcom. But we still managed to get an in-depth look at The Museum of the Occult.


First the good news. We learned a lot more about the Museum of the Occult and its mechanics and secrets. And there was a lot on display… No? Ok moving on.

On the last stream we were only shown a wing of the museum. This time we were shown just how large it actually is. With twelve wings (and a secret thirteenth wing) covering various zones and different monsters. We also saw a giant entry hall with a customisable statue as well as the gift shop.

So one thing at a time. The entry hall is huge. Stairs and everything. In the centre of the entry hall there is a giant statue of the player. It will be wearing the same clothes that the player wears and will have a variety of poses that you can choose from (earned as drops or by unlocking certain achievements in the museum.). The idea behind the statue is to allow players to show off what they have achieved in game as well as allow visitors to the instance be sure they have arrived at the right place when joining friends. If you change outfits while in the instance and want your statue to reflect that change there will be an option to update the appearance.

Next on our visit we were shown the various wings. Of which there were many. It appears that each wing is dedicated to a different type of monster in an area. So you have a reanimated wing where the various zombies and scarecrows and other created creatures of Solomon Island will hang out.

As well as the standard monsters that you encounter on a day to day basis there will also be a wing for Event Bosses (as well as assists to unlock) so expect to see lots of people participating in future events both new and old.

We were also shown how the centrepieces would work. Including the required amount of AP for each tier 175/350/500 as well as an explanation of other requirements like Lore. We were reassured that not all achievements are going to based around the 10K kills. We were also told that the new lore will give new information to lead players to “hidden” lore which will be needed to complete some displays.

It was also mentioned that items would be required to complete some displays. Although the stream only mentioned that some items would drop from dungeon bosses and other regional monsters (that currently don’t have achievements associated with them like the bear in Blue Mountains). We are hoping that some of the drops will be available from general exploration and mission related monsters.

We were also shown some early designs of the Tee-shirts that won the recent contest. They will be available to purchase using Pax and Black Bullion from the Gift Store in the museum after certain conditions met. You can see the winning art work on the Official Forums here.

The gift store itself was shown off and (although it is currently quite empty) the vendors are arranged by region and have a variety of pets, assists and tee-shirts as well as other shinies. The prices that were shown on stream were not fixed and will probably be adjusted on release (1 Pax for some items? Unlikely to hit live).

We also got a chance to see some more assists including buckler drones who add a defence buff and some of the event golem assists.

So when is all this coming? Soon™, in fact sooner than many expected. The Museum is expected to be released on the 15th of June as a free update available to all players. The patch will also contain the Elite Ability revamp. So you’d better get killing and lore collecting.

And now we’ve built you up with excitement, it’s time to bring you crashing back down to earth. It was announced earlier this week that Scrivnomancer was leaving Funcom. In fact the stream was his last official job with Funcom. And it was an emotional stream for everyone involved.

Scriv talked about how it had been difficult making the decision to leave. That usually you’re at a position where you dislike the current job that you are actively looking to leave. But his work with Funcom has not been like that. He talked about his first day on The Secret World and Titly being evil and feeding off the fear of new staff. He discussed how the Twitterverse and how being active on Social Media has been fun and watching it grow has been brilliant. As sad as it seems this is not a full goodbye though. Scriv confirmed that he would still be helping TSW by maintaining the Twitterverse characters and engaging with the community.

As always you can keep in touch with Scriv on Twitter @JoshuaDoetsh or by email scrivnomancer@gmail.com (he gave that out, it’s not like we’ve been stalking him… much.)

We recommend watching the whole stream over on Twitch to hear Scriv talking about his future projects. You can find the stream here

We are looking forward to seeing the museum, and we look forward to seeing what Scriv will do with the Twitterverse. We also wish him the best of luck and hope that he does well. He has inspired many people in TSW.

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The Player Location Corner

Hey. I’m the man (Asmod LeBlanc – aka @NotThisReality) behind the Red one that you know of and have mixed feelings about. Don’t worry, so do I.

I’m here to talk to you about player created locations and you!

First things first, and that is most who make these places would, if you have a choice between using a generic place and one of theirs, use the player made one, if it makes sense.

Secondly, this link is great as a resource, there are more, and it’s a little outdated, but it’s a great start. If you own an RP business, I would very much suggest adding to that link.

Thirdly, if you’re going to do anything largely changing to the site, check with the creator – you never know, they might actually give you hints or names for security or…

The biggest thing about creating a business is, unless I’m wrong, giving to the community. It might have added something to our own stories, but we’re doing it for the people, so the less you use the places, the less we get out of it.

For example – Asmod’s tattoos are by Enduring Canvas with Camilla Bliesner and the Street Doc’s Office with Nysha (separate tattoos and locations). He’s bought books from Solomon and Eboni (Payprus Books). EYEs Soho Club was a great addition even if it may be gone and Astrid’s bakery has catered to a few of the club’s events.

Or think of it another way –are you considering a party? Pick one of the clubs. Doesn’t even have to be Saints. Need a book? We have many book stores. We have private eyes and monster hunters. Yes these are people based groups but utilizing the businesses starts you on the slope to using the locations.

I think the most interesting thing about creating the club, as a deviation, is the fact that unlike the podcasts, calenders, or radio stations; things with physicality in the real world, a large portion of the community still has no clue the club exists. Even 3 years in, people still know more about high profile PvP folk than they do about their RP options. I think as a community we need to pepper our talk with relevant RP businesses and locales when in places like the God, or when talking to new cabal mates.

Another request? Please. Please. Join in as many competitions you can see or find. It doesn’t matter if you draw a stick figure or recite in a phlegm filled voice. Trust me, someone is looking at the contest hoping against all hope that the effort they are putting in, both design and emotional, is worth it.

Do you have a player corner or little sandbox you’ve created like those mentioned above? Do you want it known and want other players to come visit your place? Reach out to Asmod and those at the Secret Podcast so we can get your business known!

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This is not goodbye.

Today it was announced that lead writer for The Secret World Joshua Doetsch would be leaving to pursue a new project. A choice that can’t have been easy for him.


Although it’s an unfortunate loss to the game we doubt we’ll see the last of Scrivnomancer and his cat on Twitter (yes I said cat not hat although his hat will probably make an appearance too 😉 ).

We’ll find out more tomorrow on the Dev stream where Scriv will be answering questions and they will be looking at the Museum of the Occult.

We here at The Secret Podcast wish him the best of luck and will be looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us, even if it isn’t TSW related.

You can read the full announcement here

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