Sanctuary Anniversary ScreenShot Scontest

Sanctuary, if you haven’t heard of them then they haven’t been doing their job properly and we #BlameKle. Sanctuary has been around for some time a global chat channel with the aim of welcoming new players giving them a safe space to ask questions and also providing a truly global chat (general chat is only zone based so once you leave you’ll no longer be able to communicate with people in that zone).


But enough of the shameless plugging. Sanctuary has decided they want to give you the chance to celebrate in style by showing off your favourite moments from this year’s adversary. Send them pictures over at the Sanctuary Forums and you can win great prizes including pets, signet reward bags, pax and clothing (with more to be added). You can also win a coveted Sanctuary Tee (they are super rare so this is really worth it).

You can find all the information about how to enter over at the Sanctuary forums here. Now go, take screen shots and get prizes because they’re promising something to everyone who takes part… The fools.

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