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Let’s Talk Drop Rates

Every event this topic seems to come up but this year it seems to have caused more contention than usual. Certainly I have noticed more frustration among players with many resigned to not getting the rewards they hoped for and a few even abandoning the event entirely.

Let me be clear. I have no idea what the actual drop rates are for the new items that are part of this year’s anniversary event. There are many numbers floating around but (and let’s be 100% honest here) the only people who know the actual figures are working at Funcom and they are keeping them close to their chest.

First we need to look at the event itself and how it is different from previous anniversaries to understand why the drop rate has become such an issue. Previous anniversary events brought us the Golems in various guises. With the addition of the Tokyo golem last year. The golems generally dropped Reward bags, Black Bullion (which was good for players who didn’t do dungeons before the currency revamp) and of course a pet version of themselves. While the pets were rare generally you could get all 10 over the course of the event if you put time into it, even if the RNG gods were not on your side.

This year things have changed slightly. Funcom introduced a ranking system. Bronze, Silver and Gold. We don’t actually know what the requirements are for each tier which sort of makes them fairly moot and more of an annoyance than anything. The tier does seem to affect the chances of getting loot from reward bags which means newer players who don’t understand the mechanics will be less likely to get the pets they want.

They also introduced Shards that each golem drops. They are rare. Not so rare that you can’t get them but annoyingly rare enough that it can be difficult to get the new addition to the event up and running at times.

The new addition is what players have lovingly called the HateKeeper. An infected version of the GateKeeper we all know and in many cases loathe. The shards collected from Golems are used to summon filth tainted versions of the pets and they summon the GateKeeper infecting him and triggering a 40 man raid. While the raid itself is actually quite fun once you understand the mechanics it is less fun when you are rewarded with two green signet bags for a gold rating.

And here is where the drop rates really become contentious. Like previous years the HateKeeper fight has new clothing and a pet to collect. However it seems to be nigh on impossible to actually get any of these items. With some players suggesting a drop rate of 0.01% for the new pet (Not an actual figure confirmed or denied by Developers). It’s understandable that people would feel a little annoyed.

Unlike the golems who wander the various zones and simply require patience the HateKeeper requires luck in Shard drops, luck in getting into an instance that isn’t full and a near miracle to get the item you actually want. It feels like in all the excitement in creating this new battle that the trouble players may have gaining access to it hasn’t been accounted for and players are becoming more frustrated than usual as a result.

Personally I always felt like I had worked hard with other players toward getting the pets. Finding golems and calling them out until eventually I got my Golem pet. Even Hell was rewarding in it’s own way as once you had a clothing item it was removed from your personal pool of potential drops until you eventually ended up with the Hel Horns. But this event… It feels like the RNG is against us all. If I actually got the pet I would be embarrassed to show it off because somehow it would feel unfair to other players, many of whom had put more time and effort into the event then me.

Generally I don’t get involved with the Drop Rate debate. But unfortunately I feel that this event has been somewhat ruined by the way the HateKeeper issues rewards. I’m hoping that going forward it’s something that will be adjusted.


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Episode 57

This week on The Secret Podcast we decided to let Auroris have a break. So I decided to rope Terry Erekon in to have a relaxed chat with me and we discussed the current event, RP and Twitter. You can find Terry on Twitter @Terry_Erekon and visit his blog at http://credaxi.eu/blog/


  • The Streaming Ones: The Streaming ones celebrated their 4th anniversary by going over some of their favourite moments. Not much in the way of news but you can view the whole stream here
  • Patches and Hotfixes: There have been quite a few patches and hotfixes to the event to help it run smoothly. You can find the full list over here
  • Changes to Golem Missions: Golems now require a minimum participation before issuing a reward and also now have tiers of prizes from Bronze to Gold
  • All the Bags: For the duration of the Anniversary event all the previous event bags will be purchasable from the item store for FC/Bonus Points. Time to grab the dances you missed


  • Colour Splashes: The Secret Buzz Fashion Contest: Fred is holding another celebration of the fashion in TSW. It’s all about colour with lots of fun, plenty of music provided by Radio Free Gaia’s DJPsywarrior and four fasion rounds with plenty of prizes on offer. It takes place Saturday, the 16th of July 2016 | 2 PM EST (18:00 GMT) | Kingsmouth, Skaterpark for more information head over to thesecret.buzz



As always you can get in touch with us by email info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk, Twitter@TSW_Podcast and on Facebook as well as our contact page. You can get the latest episode of the show from iTunes here, Sticher here and directly from the site.

This podcast was previously released on YouTube. It’s still available here and if you’d like us to publish a YouTube version please let us know.

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