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Clothes can finally be gifted

You get clothes and you get clothes and you get clothes… Ok now we’ve let out our inner Oprah shall we talk about gifting?

One of the biggest features that players asked for since the launch of the Item Store was the ability to gift content to other players. A little while ago it was introduced but something was missing. The ability to gift clothes. You could gift party bags but the bulk of the store was unavailable.

Funcom announced on Monday that clothing was finally available to be gifted (although some players discovered that the system was live from the Friday prior). From individual items to full outfits it’s all fair game.

As always there are some caveats. You still can’t use your bonus points, the player you are buying for must be on your friends list in-game and you will only be shown clothes that the character can wear (so there’s no chance of a male character gifting female characters male clothing).

So why has it taken so long? Well on a live stream a while back they explained that the process for gifting clothes was more complex then for consumables and similar items. The shop needs to establish which clothes the character has and make sure you’re not buying duplicates. Finding a way of doing that without giving account access or just letting you randomly click and hope for the best is not as easy as it sounds. Given the wealth of clothing available in TSW it’s no surprise they wanted to make sure that all the bugs were ironed out before they set it live. item store

It’s a welcome addition and so far it seems to be going well. It will also give those players who organise events another source of prizes to award. We’re certainly glad to see it finally implemented.

Another addition saw Auxiliary Weapon Moulds being added to the Store. They are single use skins that for your Aux Wepapon which you used to have to grind dungeons for. For some players the addition of these is a bone of contention as they has spent a lot of time earning the skins in-game. For others it is a welcome relief as they can now un-hide their Aux weapon and wear it the same as they do the other items. We’ll be discussing the pro’s and cons in an upcoming episode.

You can access the Item Store in-game by pressing the , key and if you aren’t you can still sent people shiny things using the web version over here


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