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The War is on in Fusang

Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of fighting in Fusang and it is vicious. You asked and the team delivered. So let’s take a look at what players have dubbed “newsang” and what it has to offer.


The first thing you will notice is that even when you aren’t in Fusang you will get popup notifications from the Council of Venice. They let you know when your faction is on top and needs help staying on top or if you need to get your ass into Fusang to help paint the map [insert faction colour here]. We’re not sure if they can be turned off but it’s still good to be able to see how your faction is doing.

You’ll also notice there is a new Fusang buff. While similar in effect to the old buffs it is awarded for dominating but also for stopping a faction from dominating by taking control of a Facility within a set timeframe. There are also buffs for winning the mini events too.

Once you actually enter Fusang you’ll notice that there are only two missions. Defensive and Offensive. Both require you to kill a certain number of players but the Defensive one needs to be in a Facility that you own and the Offensive one is in an opposing Faction’s Facility. When you have completed the objective the mission is automatically picked up again without having to go to the nearest well so you can always remain in the fight.

The emphasis now is on Facilities and killing people (which is how it should have been from the start). Capturing wells no longer has anything but a tactical advantage and if you aren’t actively fighting you aren’t going to be achieving the two main goals in Fusang. However there is more to the new Fusang than just killing people.

Periodically mini-events will happen. These come in two forms Anima Surge and Supply drop. So far we’ve only encountered Supply Drop but the idea of Anima Surge is that one facility will become overpowered with Anima. Players will have a set time to capture and hold the facility and the faction that has control when the timer ends will get a bonus.

Supply Drop sees one faction trying to find a crate of supplies dropped at random in the playfield. They have fifteen minutes to locate them and secure them to get the bonus. However the other factions are out to destroy them so the supplies need to be located fast. If the supplies are destroyed then both opposing factions get a buff.

So far the revamp seems to have brought Fusang back to life with an emphasis on fighting and controlling the facilities. It can be tough going when a faction gets organised though so be prepared to hit your head against the wall a few times. It is fun but it’s also chaos and that’s how Fusang was supposed to be. A war zone. And once again it feels like one.

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