New HoverBoard and it’s Free

We all like free stuff right? Well TSW has you covered with a shiny new hoverboard straight from hell called the Doomboard. Of course there’s a catch (it is a demonic hoverboard after all) but thankfully it’s not a huge one. Complete 70 challenges before the 21st of September to get your hands on it.


At first that may sound daunting but actually it breaks down to about three missions a day. Most scenarios are doable (even if you do find them dull) and the daily action/investigation/sabotage missions are easy enough to complete (although if you’re new to the game you may need help getting to some of the later areas. There are plenty of people who will lend a hand though just ask in Sanctuary). That’s before we even take into account the group finder or dungeon missions. And you also have your weekly missions like complete 25 Main missions or a win in PvP (Shambala is best for that) or three world bosses (keep an eye out in Event Chat for call outs there) to help add to the total as well as the missions to do a set number of dailies in a week.

70 sounds daunting at first but once you break it down you don’t need to spend that long in game each day to get to the total needed for your shiny new Doomboard.


Of course that wasn’t all that was announced. The patch on Wednesday will also bring a new bag to go with the roller skates that everyone wants. The bag will be full of 80s clothing and random stuff that will make you long for the days of vinyl and cassette players. We don’t know if the skates will be in the bag (or will even be in this update) but at least you’ll have the perfect outfit to go with them when you get them. As usual these bags can be purchased from the Item Store using you FC points or Bonus Points and recolours of many of the items (as well as some of the more evasive ones) will be available from a vendor in Darkside using your lucky coins which you get everytime you open a bag.

You can see the full announcement below but in the meantime it may be worth getting some practice in to see just how many daily missions you can complete…


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