Exclusive Prizes in Our Advert Contest

We have a great contest for you this month to help sidetrack you from your daily missions. We’re giving away an exclusive Podcast Tee as well as gifts from the clothing store, Signets and other items.

Want to get your hands on them? Simple, just record a short advert/filler segment for the show of no more than 30 seconds and email us your entry before Midnight (BST) on the 30th September 2016 to contest@thesecretpodcast.co.uk along with your in-game name.

We’ll pick the best three and give out the exclusive prize to each as well as 1200 FC points worth of gifts to 1st Place, 600 FC Points worth of gifts to 2nd Place and a selection of Signets and Museum items to 3rd Place. We’ll also use the winning entries on our podcast and (where possible, with selected partners).

Everyone who enters will get a Rare Signet Reward Bag.

We’ve put together an example for you, 

And here are some good tips to get you started.

  • Get some good editing software (Audacity is pretty good and free to download. It’s also pretty easy to use)
  • Some people find it easier to work from a pre-prepared script
  • Don’t be afraid to alter your voice or use sound effects/music (as long as the music is royalty free. If you want to use the Podcast intro we have copies and permission to use it)
  • Make sure to include at least the name of the show and the website.

And above all remember if Auroris and Kle can record stuff then anyone can.

We look forward to hearing your submissions and if you have any questions feel free to email the contest address, get in touch with us on Twitter @TSW_Podcast or DM KleTheTemplar on the official forums.

Update: If you aren’t keen on recording or don’t have the equipment but still want to take part send us a copy of your script and one of the Podcast crew will record it for you. We’ll also send it back to you for approval so you can give us any notes and we can edit it to your liking before it gets entered proper. If you want to use sound effects or music please provide those with your submission as well as giving a little bit of direction if you want it to sound a particular way.

The important stuff… Yeah we know nobody likes this but we have to cover it.
  • The contest is open to all members of the community except those who are related to the show or work for Funcom
  • There will be three winners all receiving a mystery prize (to be announced soon™) in addition First place will be able to choose a gift up to 1200 points from the item store. Second place will be able to choose a gift up to 600 points from the item store and third place will get a selection of Signets and Museum items.
  • All participants will receive a Rare Signet Bag
  • You can choose to enter your submission anonymously however we will still need your character name to reward prizes, please let us know in your submission if this is the case.
  • We may use all entries for future promotional purposes (on the podcast or with other groups) and by entering you agree to let us do this. We will try to keep you updated if we do.
  • Funcom does not sponsor this contest. Gift prizes are provided by The Secret Podcast and in-game items (Signets etc) are provided by Kle.
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What We Know About the Data Breach

Yesterday (25th August) Funcom announced they had experienced a serious data breach which affected it’s The Secret World, Age of Conan, Anarchy Online and Longest Journey forums. The breach included emails addresses, usernames and encrypted passwords.

It came about as a result of a flaw in the the forum software used. Although the issue was fixed on the 19th they aren’t able to pinpoint when the breach actually happened.

As a result all forum passwords have been reset, so the next time you try to log in you’ll be prompted to create a new password and they are investigating further (although if you are currently logged in and your browser remembers you then you’ll have to logout and log back in again to see the prompt).

As it was the forums that were affected this breach does not affect your game account unless you use the same login credentials.

Good practice is to regularly change your passwords and there are plenty of free apps on the market that can help you store the passwords safely as well as create secure ones.

It’s worth bearing in mind that in the past four years customer’s personal details on Funcom’s side have remained relatively intact. Any prompts to change passwords have usually been as a result of other sites outside of Funcom being breached. This is the first breach that has prompted a password change directly from Funcom.

We’ll keep you updated if new information becomes available and in the meantime while you’re reading the full announcement here don’t forget to change your password.

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