Golden Golems and Unicorns

Sneaky Funcom is sneaky. Today’s Patch brought us a new Gilded Rage event which brings us back our favourite Golden Golems to kill.

As usual there’s shiny new items in the store as well as significant discounts on the Golden Clothing (Morph Suit Gold, Extra Heavy Gold and Style and Gilt) as well as a brand new item.

Golden Week

So what have Funcom got for us this time? Unicorns. Yes you read that right. We can’t believe it either but for a limited time you can buy a Unicorn Sprint from the Item Store (why you’d want to is beyond us).

If (like us) you aren’t happy with the new unicorn then you can take this chance to take full advantage of the double AP buff to help you with your Museum or Augments.

You can read full details here

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