Episode 61

UPDATE: We’ve beaten Kle and the correct file has been uploaded. If you still have the old episode 61 (you’ll know because it doesn’t have the intro music) try deleting and redownloading it. Sorry about that.

This week on The Secret Podcast Kle and Auro talk Unicorns, Glamping and Golems. Yes we’ve been away for a bit. #BlameAur… Oh wait #BlameKle

We have now included times so if you want to skip ahead (useful if we are talking spoilers) you can. Thanks to Frici for asking for this. It never crossed our mind.


(11:30) Doomboards: We discuss Doomboards and burnout

(19:00) Golden Week and a slight mistake: We take a look at the Golden week, the issue with Golems and the new item…

(31.20) The last two Streaming Ones: Andy took control of Streaming and it was wonderful we take a look you can find the streams over at twitch.tv/funcom

(45.10)Podcast Contest: (We has tees)

(49.05) Events

SnS Art Contest: Drop the Beat. Send in your art be it screenshots/drawings or other creative things for a chance to win prizes including a set of Devil Horns. You can find out more here

Sanctuary Halloween: A series of events throughout October to mark Halloween with the support of ODO, RFG, SnS and us. Check out more at sanctuary.tswdb.com

Cabal Pride: Third Annual Cabal Pride. 22/10/16 7pm GMT sign up on the forums here

Halloween Masquerade Ball: Albion Theatre 29/10/16 9pm GMT there’s more info over at TSW-RP forums here


(58:40) Radio:

As always you can get in touch with us by email info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk, Twitter@TSW_Podcast and on Facebook as well as our contact page. You can get the latest episode of the show from iTunes here, Sticher here and directly from the site.

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