You asked for Merch, You’ve got it!

Since welovefine stopped doing The Secret World merchandise players have been clamouring for ways to get hold of clothing and other shiny items.

Well it’s time to dig deep because it looks like a new store has opened it’s virtual doors and is offering tees, phone cases and even an adorable Unutterable Chibi 3D model (which has made an appearance on The Streaming Ones).


The announcement was fairly low key and was at the bottom of the email announcing the new Halloween content (so older members may not have received it) and a forum thread appeared shortly after.

The range is a little small at the moment with limited options in relation to colours of tee and size of phone case. We suspect that this is testing the water to see if there is a genuine interest from the community in buying TSW swag with the possibility of more being added later on if there’s the demand.

You can check out all the shinies over at the Funcom Store

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Halloween Approaches

Sneaky Funcom has been busy teasing players with clues about what the new Halloween content (which is expected to hit after today’s patch [26/10/16]) and as usual the community has been chomping at the bit to try to get to the bottom of the latest mystery.

At first the offical Secret World account posted this tweet.


Needless to say players instantly got excited at the thought of a black horse in-game but couldn’t decide exactly how it would manifest. Was this a new reward? A new NPC or mission? Just as it seemed people had finally come to a conclusion there was a series of new tweets.




Needless to say there was plenty of digging and plenty of suggestions. The current consensus seems to be that the event will revolve around Solomon Island although what it will contain still remains a mystery (which is unusual for this community).

One thing is for sure though we’ll know more after today’s patch. Not that we’re eager to get the Halloween party started…

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Episode 63

This was originally recorded on the 12/10/16 but due to RL issues has been delayed. Most of the information is outdated after The Streaming Ones dated (21/10/16) but we thought you’d like to hear how disorganised we were as well as who won our Advert Contest.

This week on The Secret Podcast we show everyone how organised we really are as well as looking at Hide & Shriek, Halloween and announcing our Advert winners.


  • Hide & Shriek: You can find out all the latest over at the Steam page here


  • The Streaming Ones: You can find the full stream here


  • Podcast Contest Winners QuantemSplat came first, Jarred LeBeau 2nd and Asmod 3rd. Thanks everyone who took part.


  • S&S Contest Winners: Sraide_TSW. You can see his entry here as well as all the entries here
  • Extra Life



  • Sanctuary Halloween: A series of events throughout October to mark Halloween with the support of ODO, RFG, Happy Tentacle Radio, SnS and us find out more over at sanctuary.tswdb.com
  • Cabal Pride: Third Annual Cabal Pride. 22/10/16 7pm GMT sign up on the forums here
  • Halloween Masquerade Ball: Cerberus Solutions Albion Theatre 29/10/16 9pm GMT There’s a victorian theme with contests and a fashion show more info here
  • The 5th Annual Haunted Ealdwic Ghost Tour – Saturday October 29th 9pm EST [ARCADIA] Take a trip around London and find out some of the more gruesome sides that Temple Hall would rather keep hidden. You can also join in on Twitter @HauntedEaldwic




As always you can get in touch with us by email info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk, Twitter@TSW_Podcast and on Facebook as well as our contact page. You can get the latest episode of the show from iTunes here, Stitcher here and directly from the site.

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The Black Watchmen Return to The Secret World

Back in 2012 Funcom teamed with Alice and Smith to create the Gate 33 ARG (you may recall the wall of paper if you were there) and post launch the End of Days ARG (creepy child reciting verses over the telephone at 3am anyone?). The community latched onto them and worked together to solve the mysteries behind them.

Well now The Black Watchmen are back in TSW and they are making their mark with NITE Team 4. A new game that is based on real life intelligence documents where you’ll be required to hack and prepare strike teams to get hold of the information you need.

So how does this fit into TSW? I hear you ask. Well as well as giving all players in TSW a free military backpack. Players who donate $25 or more to the NITE Team 4 Kickstarter will get TSW clothing items as well as an exclusive ARG spanning the two games (the ARG will also be available if you buy the game after the Kickstarter campaign). Starting in TSW it will eventually lead you to NITE Team 4. Exact details of the story and how it will be incorporated into TSW aren’t set in stone yet but it has already got the ARG community highly interested.

You can find out more information about Funcom’s involvement here as well as visiting the NITE Team 4 Kickstarter campaign here.

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Hide and Shriek Revealed

It’s been common knowledge that Funcom has been working on a small scale Secret World related game. It was announced in their quarterly reports and since then players have been hunting around for anything they can find out about it.

Recently Tilty (Game Director for TSW) started teasing something on his Twitter account when he began releasing parts of what appeared to be a logo (similar to the launch of Issue 11 and the cover art) and yesterday the new game was announced.

Hide and Shriek will be available on Steam in time for Halloween and will see players battle one on one to scare the living daylights out of their opponents using all kinds of tricks, traps and creepy surprises.

How is this related to The Secret World? you might ask. Well there is a tradition among the students of Innsmouth Academy and Little Springs High. They sneak into the schools after midnight every Halloween and play a game of Hide and Shriek. To make it a bit more difficult for their classmates they are also invisible and the only way to find their opponent is to keep a close eye on their surroundings for things that seem out of place (which is most things in TSW where normal is a relative term).

As you progress you’ll unlock new traps and spells and you’ll be able to scare your opponents with customisable masks (including gooey eyeballs, bloody hatchets and we dread to think what else).

Currently there’s no price set or a fixed release date however you can keep up with all the latest developments over at the game’s Steam Page here

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