Hide and Shriek Revealed

It’s been common knowledge that Funcom has been working on a small scale Secret World related game. It was announced in their quarterly reports and since then players have been hunting around for anything they can find out about it.

Recently Tilty (Game Director for TSW) started teasing something on his Twitter account when he began releasing parts of what appeared to be a logo (similar to the launch of Issue 11 and the cover art) and yesterday the new game was announced.

Hide and Shriek will be available on Steam in time for Halloween and will see players battle one on one to scare the living daylights out of their opponents using all kinds of tricks, traps and creepy surprises.

How is this related to The Secret World? you might ask. Well there is a tradition among the students of Innsmouth Academy and Little Springs High. They sneak into the schools after midnight every Halloween and play a game of Hide and Shriek. To make it a bit more difficult for their classmates they are also invisible and the only way to find their opponent is to keep a close eye on their surroundings for things that seem out of place (which is most things in TSW where normal is a relative term).

As you progress you’ll unlock new traps and spells and you’ll be able to scare your opponents with customisable masks (including gooey eyeballs, bloody hatchets and we dread to think what else).

Currently there’s no price set or a fixed release date however you can keep up with all the latest developments over at the game’s Steam Page here

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The Secret Buzz Celebrates

It doesn’t seem like a whole year since Fred unleashed the beauty that is The Secret Buzz into the world but it really is. So many beautiful models (as well as Kle and Auroris) as well as fashion shows, contests and even physical copies of the magazines being sent all across the world.

Wait you haven’t heard of The Secret Buzz? Oh dear… Lets bring you up to speed. The Secret Buzz is a fashion magazine for The Secret World created by Fred and available to view online. It contains the best fashion that TSW has to offer (and TSW has quite a selection of fashions ranging from the day to day to the completely bizarre).

Putting them together hasn’t always been easy and Fred has enlisted the help of a new photographer for issue five as well as a new Fashion Agony Aunt as well.

What’s more there’s a chance to win a Secret Buzz in-game Tee-shirt if you show off your storytelling talents.

Want to see the full magazine in all it’s glory? Head over to thesecret.buzz and you can find out all about Fred as well as catch up on any issues you might have missed.

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