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The Black Watchmen Return to The Secret World

Back in 2012 Funcom teamed with Alice and Smith to create the Gate 33 ARG (you may recall the wall of paper if you were there) and post launch the End of Days ARG (creepy child reciting verses over the telephone at 3am anyone?). The community latched onto them and worked together to solve the mysteries behind them.

Well now The Black Watchmen are back in TSW and they are making their mark with NITE Team 4. A new game that is based on real life intelligence documents where you’ll be required to hack and prepare strike teams to get hold of the information you need.

So how does this fit into TSW? I hear you ask. Well as well as giving all players in TSW a free military backpack. Players who donate $25 or more to the NITE Team 4 Kickstarter will get TSW clothing items as well as an exclusive ARG spanning the two games (the ARG will also be available if you buy the game after the Kickstarter campaign). Starting in TSW it will eventually lead you to NITE Team 4. Exact details of the story and how it will be incorporated into TSW aren’t set in stone yet but it has already got the ARG community highly interested.

You can find out more information about Funcom’s involvement here as well as visiting the NITE Team 4 Kickstarter campaign here.

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