Halloween Approaches

Sneaky Funcom has been busy teasing players with clues about what the new Halloween content (which is expected to hit after today’s patch [26/10/16]) and as usual the community has been chomping at the bit to try to get to the bottom of the latest mystery.

At first the offical Secret World account posted this tweet.


Needless to say players instantly got excited at the thought of a black horse in-game but couldn’t decide exactly how it would manifest. Was this a new reward? A new NPC or mission? Just as it seemed people had finally come to a conclusion there was a series of new tweets.




Needless to say there was plenty of digging and plenty of suggestions. The current consensus seems to be that the event will revolve around Solomon Island although what it will contain still remains a mystery (which is unusual for this community).

One thing is for sure though we’ll know more after today’s patch. Not that we’re eager to get the Halloween party started…

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