You asked for Merch, You’ve got it!

Since welovefine stopped doing The Secret World merchandise players have been clamouring for ways to get hold of clothing and other shiny items.

Well it’s time to dig deep because it looks like a new store has opened it’s virtual doors and is offering tees, phone cases and even an adorable Unutterable Chibi 3D model (which has made an appearance on The Streaming Ones).


The announcement was fairly low key and was at the bottom of the email announcing the new Halloween content (so older members may not have received it) and a forum thread appeared shortly after.

The range is a little small at the moment with limited options in relation to colours of tee and size of phone case. We suspect that this is testing the water to see if there is a genuine interest from the community in buying TSW swag with the possibility of more being added later on if there’s the demand.

You can check out all the shinies over at the Funcom Store

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