Hello there.

You may have noticed that we have not been publishing episodes as frequently as we said we would. There is a very simple reason for this. Kle is fundamentally broken. Seriously though both of us have a lot of RL stuff going on and unfortunately it means that recording shows has fallen by the wayside.

Instead of making and breaking promise after promise we’ve decided to take a brief hiatus (I really do like that word) until the Christmas content starts in TSW. We’ll continue updating the site with articles however it’s better to get things in order then feel bad because we failed to live up to yet another promise.

If you are one of our patrons we have made a post for you to explain the options available as well as what will happen to any money if you do continue to pledge.

Thanks for your patience and we will return to form when we’ve figured out how to fix Kle and where Auro’s sarcasm meter has gone to (he’s been way too nice lately).

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The Rider Departs

The latest Halloween event in The Secret World has not been without it’s ups and downs. Aimed at getting the community to work together to solve a variety of riddles, the way people got hold of information may not have been intended (there is still much debate about dataminers or brute force).

However the riddles were solved and the final summoning took place in the early hours of the morning (GMT). A Rider appear in Agartha and if you /bow to him you receive the Horseman’s Visage which is a skull that all the riders wear. The same item has also been unlocked in Hide and Shriek.

At first the Agartha rider only appeared for a short time but Funcom has since allowed him to stay for the remainder of the Halloween event giving everyone the chance to get hold of the item.

You can still take part in summoning event bosses in the various zones until the end of the event (it’s worth doing it for the free event bags if nothing else) and all the older Halloween content is still available.

We’ve learned a lot from this event. Namely that you need to work together in order to get things solved (if you want an empowered rider you need teams of people at set spots as well as people hunting around the map. We imagine that Funcom will also be taking a long look at how the event went and seeing where improvements could be made. We hope that this doesn’t put them off trying out new ideas in future. After all there’s more to TSW then being world’s first. Something players would do well to remember.

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