Golden Week Returns But With a Minor Problem

It’s time again to head out into the wilds of The Secret World and kill as many golden golems as you can because another Golden Week is here.

As with previous Golden Weeks there is an AP boost so you get an additional AP point for every one earned, RNG bags from the store and vendor as well as a huge discount on golden clothing in the Item Store (including the Golden Geist Rider which is only available during Golden Weeks). This event is a great chance to fill your Skill wheel or flesh out your Museum.


However not all went well when the event went live. The patch that saw the event launched also introduced the latest Veteran Reward (Nightmare Steed) but there seems to have been an issue which has led to the item being removed from the store and a hotfix being scheduled for later today. While there are no concrete details the patcher does state that the mount has been removed from inventories and all instances of it in circulation have also been removed. Which is interesting as the item shouldn’t be in circulation it should only be available to subscribers who have the relevant subscription time.

Of course once the hotfix takes place we should see the Steed return and things get back to normal. In the meantime it’s worth harvesting those golems for the AP. You have until the 8th of March to make the most of the boost and  Store discounts.

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