Episode 64

With love in the air in TSW we thought it was a perfect time to make our triumphant return. So we’re back to bring you all the latest news and information from The Secret World. This week we talk about Skates, Conan, Golden Weeks and Loyalty Rewards.

(Times will be added when the audio player Kle uses to check things stops crashing)

Who we are

What we’ve been up to


  • Andy posted in various places clarifying the state of upcoming content you can find it here
  • Valentines has all the old items store stuff as well as a heart covered onesie and a black covered heart onesie if you gift it.
  • Thoughts on Golden weeks
  • The Skate Challenge is ongoing until the 19th of March and requires 35 missions to get the skates account wide down from the 70 that were needed for the doom board
  • The New loyalty reward is coming Soon™
  • And the merest hint at the changes mentioned in the quarterly report.




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