A New Challenger Enters

For some time Andy (Odonoptera) has been working hard at Funcom covering all the bases. If you play any of their other games then there’s a good chance you’ll have seen him responding to feedback from the various communities in one shape or another. Well thankfully he is no longer alone.

Recently he was joined by Jens over on the Conan Exiles team and now The Secret World is also getting some love with a new Community Manager. In fact the name might sound familiar if you’ve ever sent in a petition. Our new Community Manager is the one and only Nicole “Spynosaur” Vayo. She’s been working for the company for about two and half years dealing with our petitions as a GM (if you’re anything like Kle then there have been many petitions) and she is fully aware of the myriad of ways we can break the game.

She’s not the first GM to get the Community Manager role though. Andy also got promoted to CM after dealing with our complaints for quite some time.

Before you start to panic, Andy isn’t going anywhere. Before Tomium ended up working alone there used to be at least two people doing the job and with extra games being added it makes sense that the number of people engaging with the community should increase. This is actually a sign that Funcom is wanting to do more with community and are choosing people we are familiar with to make it easier all round.

We hope Spynosaur does well in her new role and helps to give the game and forums a fresh burst of life.

You can find her over on Twitter @Spynosaur as well as on the Official Secret World Forums here.

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