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What We’d Like to See From the “Big Update” Part Two

Previously I started looking at things I’d like to see changed when the “Big Update” hits The Secret World. It was a pretty long list so I decided to split it into two articles. You can find the first part here. Again this is stuff I’d like to see changed. Sadly I don’t have a clue what the team at Funcom are actually getting up to. With that said, let’s get down to business



Many people would like to see this wiped out. Personally I don’t. It adds a new layer to Tokyo. The problem with AEGIS is that the grind is too harsh and puts many people off. Getting to 2.0 is a huge challenge and requires a silly amount of time investment that really doesn’t feel like much of a pay off. Increasing it beyond that requires dungeons (which isn’t fair on those players who don’t really dungeon but want to achieve the best gear). Making AEGIS less of a grind and opening it up to all by removing the dungeon requirement to get upgrade kits would go a long way to making things easier. Another way of improving the system would be to add AutoAEGIS as standard. It’s an add-on that most players use now so incorporating it into the game would also make sense.


It’s been awhile since we were told to hide and wait further orders. So long in fact that even the people chasing us have got bored and decided that a trip to the pub is probably more fun than getting killed. TSW is great at story. It’s one of its defining features. Unfortunately since the conclusion of issue 11 the main story seems to be on hold and needless to say players are starting to get impatient. Issue 12 was Tokyo Dungeons, 13 was a few additional missions that fleshed out the Tokyo playfield and 14 saw a great story in Egypt but not one that progressed the player development. Issue 15 was… yeah, moving on. To keep people from getting bored there needs to be something and fairly soon. As mentioned in the article looking at what we do know about the changes, it’s unlikely that any story content will come with the update itself. Ironing out any bugs and allowing players the chance to adapt to any new changes that are introduced makes sense, however progressing the main story needs to be at the front of the developer’s mind post update.



I’m one of those odd people who love Scenarios. Once you’ve got the patterns down they can be almost therapeutic. The Augments can be quite useful too. However the fact the there is only one type of Scenario (I don’t count Shambala) does mean for many that it can become very repetitive. Also, unlike most missions and dungeons, the Scenario lockout timers were not changed when the New Player Experience was rolled out meaning you have to wait at least 12 hours before you can complete a Scenario again. I would like to see further scenario types introduced, the lockout timer changed (brought into line with missions for preference) and the system for creating Augments adapted. I understand that it was originally intended as a way of getting rid of all the excess materials that were floating around the game however it does make it very difficult to craft many of the Augments. Even with large number of materials I have (I break everything I get my hands on) I still have about 20 Augments I can’t create due to lack of materials. Recently Augments have been added to Golem’s loot tables which is good but until more Scenarios are added it would be nice to see them made available in other methods.



Currently we have scheduled events that every MMO does (Valentines, Halloween etc), the Anniversary and the Golden Weekends. While these are good it would be nice to see more frequently scheduled events. For example one weekend could be a Scenario weekend with a free Scenario Cooldown available from the Store (yes they still exist) and double AP when participating. The following weekend could be a PvP weekend which would see double rewards for each match you participate in (or in Fusang for each mission you complete). How about a Dungeon Weekend where you get double AP and a guaranteed Museum drop? Of course using existing content seems like a bit of a get out. I would also like to see something like a week long event once a month that requires a total amount of X monsters to be killed by the community or at the very least a new set of golems (or event bosses) that could drop special loot. The idea is to give players a reason to drop in even if they have completed the main story aspects.


An End to RNG Bags/Event Lore

It’s no secret that I hate RNG bags. Sadly the game does have to make money and the RNG bags seem to be one of the biggest sources of income so they aren’t going anywhere soon. Even I buy at least one party bag when a new one comes out and that’s because I want the new dance emote. Therein lies the problem. If you have many characters (I have five in total) the emotes are bound by character and I am not going to be buying a party bag per toon. Items like pets, sprints or emotes should be account wide. I’m all for making money but expecting players to buy multiple bags is not really on. Another issue with the bags is the fact that they contain so much filler. When you buy a party bag there is no guarantee that you will get anything better then a green item and whatever filler is in that bag. Cut down on the fillers and adjust the tables so that players who open the party bags are guaranteed at least one purple or above and one blue or above. No green or white items. After all they paid money and it is so frustrating when other players in the area are getting Gold items from the bag you just opened.

As for RNG lore (like we saw in the last Halloween event) that is just not a wise idea at all. Lore is important to most players in TSW. Despite grinding the bosses in the Halloween event once people had figured out how to create empowered versions of the bosses there was almost no chance of getting the earlier lore. RNG lore should be a no no.
I’ve covered a lot in this and there’s probably more I could add. Don’t forget this is what I’d like to see in the update and not what will be there. What would you like to see in the Big Update? Let us know in the comments below.

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