Secret World Legends. What You Need to Know: Updated

We knew something big was coming. It’s been on the cards for quite some time. But even with rumours reaching fever pitch this caught most people by surprise. Yesterday Funcom announced a brand new game called Secret World: Legends.

So what exactly is it and how is it different from The Secret World? To start with the new game is Free to Play (unlike TSW which is Buy to Play). A bold move on Funcom’s part given the success of their previous attempts at F2P. All story content will be free (including future story content) and it will have a brand new subscription model. There has also been a complete overhaul of the combat system as well as the character creation and the overall look of the game. There’s more but we’ll look at that as we break it down.


Going Free to Play

For many people this part didn’t come as a shock. The quarterly report hinted at it when it talked about “adjustments to the business model”. How exactly will it work though? Secret World: Legends will be free for everyone when when it launches and all story content (existing and future) will be open to all. Currently there isn’t any detail about what you will get as a F2P player or as a Patron. At first Tokyo and Nightmare Raids won’t be unlocked but will be opened up shortly after launch.


Shiny New Aurum

New to Secret World: Legends is a currency called Aurum. This is used to buy items and service in-game (most likely in-store). Unlike Funcom points or Bonus points they can be traded with other players in-game (similar to Credits in Rift).

New Subscriber System

Once again the Subscriber model has been adjusted. This time you’ll be given additional convenience items, extra features (although there was nothing to specify what features were included) and in-game bonuses. You’ll also now have a Patron Level. This increases with every month you’re subscribed or with every purchase of Aurum you make. Each rank will come with additional bonuses. In addition players coming over from TSW will all receive bonuses (currently exactly what hasn’t been decided) as long as they link their account to the new game.

New Game New Approach

The new game brings changes to combat (so big that characters can not be carried over), systems are now easier to interact with, the appearance of the game has been improved and the flow of quests has been made more smooth. Not only that but there has also been work done on the tutorials but combat is now done through reticule mode (not the current incarnation in TSW but a system designed from the ground up). While the story content and other missions doesn’t appear to have been altered significantly, early indications are that they are more accessible and possibly group friendly.

Existing TSW players will gain access to all weapons when the game launches but for new players they will only have access to two weapons and will need to purchase further weapon “pages” in order to unlock the full range of skills that are available.

The Future of The Secret World

This has been one of the biggest areas of concerns for existing players. Due to the scale of the changes, characters cannot be carried over and players will be required to create a new character. You’ll be able to reserve your TSW character name as long as your character has been active within the last six months. You can only reserve character names for the characters you own so you don’t have to worry about other players stealing your name. There will be more details on how to do this closer to launch.

Existing subscribers and Grandmasters will be able to transfer their subscription to the new game, with any Funcom Points being turned into the new currency. Grandmasters will continue to be Patrons in Secret World: Legends. It’s worth noting that existing Bonus Points from The Secret World will not transfer over.

Clothing and other vanity items are a big part of TSW and needless to say people who have invested a large amount of money in the Item Store have been concerned about what will happen to their stuff in the new game. The good news is that as long as you have linked your account then you’ll be able to transfer clothing and vanity items . Currently the aim is to have Item Store purchases, Subscriber Items (Item of the Month etc) and one time items like ARG and promotional clothing available. For the most part weapons will transfer due to the changes.

If you find that you’re have a hankering for TSW you will be pleased to know that the old servers are still going to be active. In fact you can play both games as they are separate installations. Knowing that the old servers aren’t going anywhere does take some of the pressure off.


That is the million dollar question. As it currently stands there hasn’t been a fixed release date (although it has been revealed that there is a date in mind). There is a sign up for the closed beta at www.secretworldlegends.com Beta’s are notoriously tricky when it comes to pinning down a date. However the fact that it’s in Closed Beta suggests it’s not too far away.

We’ve covered the basics here. We’ll be taking a look at what we think about it in a separate article soon™. Let us know what you think of the new game and how it affects you in the comments below.

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