What We’d Like to See From the “Big Update” Part One

We all know big change is on the horizon. We don’t know much about it but we know it’s coming. Recently we looked at the small amount we do know (you can read the full article here) but over the next week I thought I’d take a look at some of the things we’d like to see added, or taken away, from the big update. This is for fun and sadly I’m none the wiser then you are about what’s going on at Funcom HQ.

Hairstyles and Other Body Features

For a while now we’ve been teased with new hairstyles. In fact many of the characters in Tokyo are sporting some pretty nifty hairdos. We’ve been told that they have been in the works but so far there has been no sign. Right now there isn’t a huge choice in terms of long hair for men (unless you like the mad scientist look) and many of the women’s styles feel dated. An overhaul of the hairstyles would be a welcome addition. Not to mention the promised Tattoos. RPwise my character has a ton of tatts, unfortunately I’m not able to replicate that in-game. Back around launch there was a tattoo store promised but the team working on it was disbanded when there was a huge reshuffle. In fact there is a building in Seoul that is prepared for that purpose. It would also be nice to have a wider choice of appearances to chose from. I’m not asking for a dong slider (after all I don’t plan on running around naked) but being able to make your character stand out a little from all the other bees would be nice.



The Veteran Store

Back when the game went Buy to Play the subscription model changed. Subscribers were given an Item of the Month as well as Veteran Points to spend in a special section of the store. Generally it contained reskinned versions of the IotM as well as convenience items or weapon skins. When the new subscription model came into effect last year the Veteran Points were discontinued but the store was still accessible to players who had them. The problem is that there are a lot of items that people would very much like to have (the reconstructor being one such item) and many have even expressed an interest in paying for them. Even though I still have over 100 VPs available I would like to see the items in that section of the store opened up to other players and the system scrapped. The points aren’t being spent because people are holding onto them in the hope they’ll get something else. As that clearly isn’t happening it makes sense to make some money from these items.


The Chat System

The chat system has been an issue for TSW since launch. It is clunky and difficult to navigate for new users (even veterans still find it a bit of a hassle). Not only that it feels dated. It badly needs a new chat system putting in place with new commands that can be accessed from the chat window (with the increase of Pax sellers a report feature would be useful as it would save GMs the time of having to answer each petition). Around launch there were attempts to alter the chat system but it led to players not being able to talk to each other and was quickly reverted and never touched again.



Personally, I enjoy the combat in TSW. The ability to swap roles on the fly as well as craft entirely new builds is a great feature of the game. For me the issue with combat is that not all skills feel equal. For example some elite abilities often feel like they do as much damage as a builder. Some consumers just seem to lack the punch that you’d expect. Numbers wise all skills may be equal in terms of their tier but in terms of how they look and feel there can be a huge difference. I would like to see a change to the overall appearance of the combat so that each builder, consumer and elite has the same weight and feel as the next one.


Free Content vs Paid Content

The latest quarterly report made it clear that Funcom intended to make the main story content free to all players. This is a good idea. Although there needs to be a way to encourage players to play through the other missions in the areas. There is a tendency to try to get to the end as quickly as possible but if you do that with TSW that can lead to frustration and missing out on huge chunks of backstory. Implementing some kind of zone specific challenge, like complete 10 missions for Kingsmouth locals to make sure that players don’t rush could be one way of achieving this.

There’s quite a few things left on my wish list but you’ll need to wait until next week to find out what they are. In the meantime feel free to speculate amongst yourselves in the comments section below about what you’d like to see in the Big Update.

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Popclaw says:

I disagree with the last point. “Complete 10 missions of anything” and gating progression is the kind of stuff TSW itself challenged with its own quest design. If you want to learn more about the inhabitants of a zone, you’ll stay longer and do missions. TSW’s focus on exploring shouldn’t be given over to task completion.

Also, if that means people can’t get Blue Mountain over and done with as fast as possible (I consider that to be the worst area in the game) then I’m all about fighting that. Yuck, BM…

Kle says:

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant in the style of the daily/weekly missions. Optional targets to hit, a more zone specific waypoint for people who might otherwise rush through a zone. The idea of gating progress behind something like that is not something I’d like to see implemented either. As you say the way the missions and side missions are laid out lend themselves to naturally picking up the story of a zone.

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