Secret World Trailer Released

Actual information about Secret World Legends has been a bit haphazard. Spread thinly between podcasts and a few news sites. Yesterday Funcom released a teaser trailer talking about SWL as well as showing off some of the combat. Oh and they also announced a release date too.

In the trailer familiar faces Tilty and Andy (and a face you may not recognise Scott Junior, Executive Producer) look at how the game has changed from an MMO to a Shared World RPG. There’s is also a look at some of the combat as well as Andy getting very excited about some of the new abilities.

The emphasis here is clearly on bringing new players into the game and bringing the story to the forefront (after all the story is one of TSW’s strengths). There was also discussion about the story that never got released and how SWL would allow Funcom to explore that and continue the story.

Given that this is an announcement trailer it doesn’t answer many of the questions that existing TSW players have (bonuses, what will transfer over or how micro-transactions will work etc) but it did address the release date. Secret World Legends is due for release on the 26th of June 2017.
We expect to see more information coming out over the next month and we’ll be keeping you up to date, so stay tuned for all you need to know about the future of SWL and TSW.

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