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UntitledHi, I’m Kle and I’m old enough to know better and have been around since beta. I still haven’t managed to compete all the elite dungeons yet and the only time I have seen the Gatekeeper is wandering around during events.

I’ll be updating the site with news from TSW and a regular podcast. From RP events to forum shenanigans I’ll try to keep it covered.

You can find me around the Sanctuary chat as Kle or RecordKeeper and you can follow me on twitter @klethetemplar

I look forward to seeing you all in The Secret World.

Auroris as Dark Insanities (Djinngi)

I am Auroris, regular streamer, (sub-)vocalist on The Secret Podcast, co-founder of Sanctuary, soul-less one, and basically insane.

I’ve been playing TSW since launch and purchased a Grandmaster pack as soon as I could afford it. I don’t get to spend much time in game anymore, but I still enjoy the time I do get, and I read the forums every day.

Feel free to find me ingame, on the official forums, and on the Sanctuary forums as Auroris, and on Twitter as @Auro_Sancutary.

You can find me streaming on Twitch, and I have a Twitter account for that too here.


GinHey there! My name is Jingi. I’m Co-Owner of The Secret Associates Cabal and part-time guest podcaster & columnist on The Secret Podcast as well as sub in at times on Beyond the Veil.

I have been playing TSW since 2014 and haven’t stopped since! I love to participate and be a part of the community when Events come around as well as run Contests for members of The Secret World.

Mostly these days I have been a bit busy with work but I do try to log into the game every other day. I can role-play, PvP or help out with PvE. If you ever need help, just send me a jingle @Djinngi on twitter.


Hi, I’m … well that’s kind of tricky to answer. I play Zoe Prue in TSW, and have been in and out of the game since 2012. Zoe originally started as an alt, actually, thrown together to try out some healing builds, but then I got sucked into the RP side of things and haven’t looked back since.

These days I spend little time in game, but am active on twitter, sharing Zoe’s brand of insanity with anyone who is crazy enough to get in the way. I also do a lot of RP through Google Docs and the like, because it’s the telling of stories that I find most fun these days.

The best place to find me is on the twitters, @zoezotprue. Come say hi!

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