Running the site and hosting the podcast sadly isn’t free. We always want to bring you the latest news and information without charging you or placing annoying adverts on the site and in the podcast.


We use a website to host the podcasts and deal with all the tricky RSS feeds for us which comes in at around £20 a month and the site itself is £5 a month. That brings the monthly cost comes in around £25 a month (with a yearly domain fee of £17).

All donations are welcome and will help allow us to concentrate on improving the site and the show. And they will only be used for the site and show. We wont suddenly be rushing off to buy the latest Gucci shoes with your donations 😉

We can’t give you any halos or shiny tee-shirts but we can thank you on the show as well as adding you to a list of donors.

Thanks for your help in keeping the site active.

We are now also have a Patreon if you like regular donations with shiny extras. Check out our page here

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