The Secret Podcast Needs You…

Here at The Secret Podcast we try to provide articles as well as the regular podcast. With only the two of us it can be a tall order. It just takes one of us to be ill or busy with work and it means articles are delayed until the information is no longer relevant.


So we’re looking for people who are willing to lend a hand. From an occasional article to frequent updates all help is welcome.

The ideal way of doing this would be to allow people the ability to post directly to the site. This would be especially useful for things like the Streaming Ones.

Another alternative is for people to have a regular column. Sandra’s Clothing or The weekly RP round up as an example.

Either way we’re looking for people who can help create content for the site. If you’re interested or have any ideas then please get in touch and we can thrash out the specifics.

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience or if your English isn’t great (if it wasn’t for spell check we’d be lost)  all that really matters is that you are passionate and able to write in a relatively unbiased way when it comes to more delicate articles.

Currently we don’t much to offer in terms of incentive apart from a venue for your content and the reassurance that you would be credited for any content you create. It’s not much but as we progress we may be able to offer more and look at other options.

If you’re interested then please get in touch using our contact page, on Twitter @TSW_Podcast or by emailing

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